Presidium diamond testing device receives DPA endorsement


Presidium diamond testing device receives DPA endorsement

March 2019 – Presidium, an industry-leading manufacturer of diamond and gemstone testing devices, has been awarded the coveted ASSURE Tested Certification Mark by the Diamond Producers Association (DPA).

As part of DPA’s recent ASSURE program, a joint collaboration between the DPA and Signet Jewelers, the association partnered with 11 manufacturers to provide diamond verification instruments for testing. These were rigorously examined for their testing accuracy.
Presidium diamond testing device receives DPA endorsement

Presidium’s Synthetic Diamond Screener (SDS II), the only ASSURE tester that retails for less than US$1,000, delivered 100% accuracy on the synthetic diamond referral rate.

The SDS II uses advanced technology that measures a diamond’s UV light transmittance ability. It is a portable desktop diamond verification instrument suitable for both loose and mounted stones, including melees as small as 0.02ct. Simple and easy to use, its indicator light bars give a blue light to indicate that the stone is a natural diamond and a red light to indicate a Type IIa diamond. The device gives clear and accurate results within two seconds.

Joanne Yeo, Managing Director of Presidium, said: “We are very pleased with the results of our diamond verification instrument, the SDS II, and are confident of its capability to deliver benefits to this industry. It is important that the trade makes informed decisions on the right instruments based on their testing requirements and budget. With the ASSURE directory, they can now access objective and third party verified testing results provided by any Diamond Verification Instruments and also receive guidance on how to ensure their business is protected from undisclosed synthetic diamonds.”

The DPA’s ASSURE program has developed a universal standard to test the performance of diamond verification instruments in a consistent manner. Each instrument was tested on the ASSURE Core Sample, a highly contaminated sample made up of 1,000 natural diamonds and 200 synthetic diamonds including very challenging synthetic stones, some of which are not yet available on the market.

Established in 1979, Presidium was the first company to launch numerous gemological instruments, and is committed to researching and developing state-of-the-art instruments for the benefit of the industry. Its market-leading products include innovative diamond testers, colored gemstone testers, gemstone gauges and portable carat scales.

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Presidium diamond testing device receives DPA endorsement