Presman Mastermelt give £50,000 to Silversmiths and Jewellers’ Covid Hardship Fund


Precious metal refiners Presman Mastermelt have donated £50,000 to the “Covid Hardship Fund”, which was has been set up by the Silversmiths & Jewellers Charity (SJC) in conjunction with the Goldsmiths’ Company.

As a long time supporter of the charity, Presman Mastermelt hope that other companies might join them in donating to the charity, to help support the trade at this most difficult time and when the SJC’s normal fundraising events have been cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

The new Covid fund offers one-off grants of £750 to anyone from the trade who is struggling financially because of the effects of Covid. In certain circumstances, there may be other funds available for longer-term support or additional single grants.

Mastermelt’s General Manager Gary Williams said:

“Although today most of our profits are generated by reclaiming precious metals on behalf of industrial companies across the globe, when our chairman Robert Davis first started, he worked only with the jewellers in Hatton Garden and has never forgotten the trust and support they gave him whilst he was trying to establish Mastermelt back in the 1980s.

“With lockdowns and Covid restrictions affecting everyone, the Mastermelt directors were very concerned with how difficult life is for many people across the trade and decided they wanted to do something tangible to help.

“The Board unanimously agreed to donate the substantial sum to the SJC, who will distribute the funds to those who desperately need some extra help to survive.

Presman Mastermelt have recently been posting short but inspiring trade interviews on social media featuring discussions about how Covid has affected their businesses and what they see for the future. See interviews.

If you are in need of personal financial help because of the effects of Covid, it is easy to apply for a grant online at or email Julie at [email protected]

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