PureJewels awarded lifetime membership of Newham Women’s Business Centre


PureJewels awarded lifetime membership of Newham Women’s Business Centre

Newham Women’s Business Centre
LONDON, December 17 2008 – PureJewels, a leading retail jeweller in the Green Street jewellery district, has been awarded lifetime membership of the Women’s Business Centre in Newham district in east London.

The membership reflects the continuing work done by the retailer to promote local jewellery graduates.
Newham College’s new Women’s Business Centre will build on the success of its ‘Her Business’ project, which has helped more than 500 local women to enter business since 2002.

PureJewels, part of a family chain of three Green Street stores, has been awarded Lifetime Membership of the Centre in recognition of its contribution to local business.

“PureJewels has been working with Newham College as part of the Women Into Jewellery course,” says Jayant Raniga of PureJewels.
“We’ve been proud to work alongside the graduates, giving them support, purpose, access to materials and showcase space to help them launch their collections.

“By creating a touch-point for local businesswomen, Newham College is demonstrating its faith in our community’s potential for a strong and prosperous future.
“Courses such as Women into Jewellery are allowing women from one of the city’s poorest boroughs to develop their talents and receive support from their contemporaries.”
Newham Women’s Business Centre
The new centre is funded by European Regional Development with the aim of helping more local women get into business.
It will provide a real boost to confidence and aspiration in a London borough
which has high unemployment, giving women immediate access to further education, funding, and network opportunities, and promoting a strong sense of unity among local businesswomen.