WATCH REPLAY OF WEBINAR – GemGenève Designer Vivarium to showcase art jewellery  


Jewellery design trends are shifting towards “intense individuality”, says jewellery historian Vivienne Becker.

In a Jewellery Outlook webinar, Vivienne, joined by GemGenève co-founders Thomas and Ida Faerber, talked about plans for the Designer Vivarium, a specially curated showcase, at the third edition of the show, which will take place from November 5-8, 2020.

In the following interview with Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough, Vivienne gives a few teasers about her plans for the Designer Vivarium at GemGenève in November. 

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Vivienne Becker 2018

What is the Designer Vivarium?

It is a curated Showcase presenting the work of contemporary designer-jewellers, artists and goldsmiths from around the world.  The Designer Vivarium – where jewels come to life – occupies a specially designed space within GemGenève, in which each designer or artist has his or her own booth.


What talents, skills or achievements do you look for in those whom you ask to take part?

I look for individuality and originality, for a strong point of view, in terms of design, and a certain level of sophistication in execution and craftsmanship.  Some designers are quite new, others more experienced, but all have to be private, and under the radar.  The Vivarium should deliver a sense of discovery.


Can you give any teasers about the Designer Vivarium to take place at the third edition of GemGenève in November 2020?

Just to say that some designers will be returning, others are new and exciting.   The returning designers will also bring new creations.  What’s important in the Designer Vivarium is the variety of different styles, to show the full scope of imagination and innovation that drives our industry forward.  I can say that this year there will be an added emphasis on artistry, on the art jewel.


Can you identify any global jewellery design trends emerging out of lockdown?

The trend towards intense individuality, personalisation, a human connection, and a continued obsession with fine coloured stones, and with their origins.