REPLAY WEBINAR – INTERVIEW- Divine Solitaires present diamond pricing perspective


REPLAY WEBINAR – INTERVIEW- Divine Solitaires present diamond pricing perspective


Jignesh MehtaJignesh Mehta, Founder and Managing Director of diamonds supplier Divine Solitaires, talked about his company’s diamond pricing perspective, in a Jewellery Outlook webinar

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Jignesh previews the webinar in the following interview with Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough:

What will be the focus of the webinar?

This webinar will focus on diamond pricing which is complex and a challenge for many in the trade, as well as consumers.

It will be about what we should do as members of the industry to attain transparent pricing for ourselves and for consumers.

Divine Solitaires prides itself on its transparent pricing. Can you elaborate?

Divine Solitaires has standardised the quality of every diamond based on its proprietary “123 Parameters Guaranty,” which establishes consistency in the quality of all our diamonds.

We publish a price list every month for all of our diamonds. The list is used both for selling and for returns by 160 retail distributors in India.

What, in your view, is the outlook for the polished diamonds market globally as the economic downturn bites due to the coronavirus-driven emergency?

Less rough supply in India during this period will mean that factories will cut and polish fewer diamonds, particularly with the new social distancing regulations in place. This will limit new polished diamond production.