WATCH REPLAY OF WEBINAR – Natural Diamond Council (NDC) outlines plans to promote natural diamond jewellery


David Kellie, CEO of the Natural Diamond Council (NDC), will discuss the NDC’s plans to promote natural diamond jewellery sales around the world, in a webinar conversation with Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

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David Kellie outlines his vision in the following interview with David Brough.

What are the main strategies of the NDC to promote sales of natural diamond jewellery around the world?

Our mission is to promote the desirability of natural diamonds and support the integrity of the global diamond jewellery industry.

We’re targeting a younger audience through seasonal campaigns and our newly launched digital platform, where we will educate and inspire, in a voice that is familiar to our audience.

Our digital platform will be for brands, designers, retailers and other industry partners to speak to consumers as they are spending more time online, doing more online shopping and browsing in response to COVID-19.

Through our online platform, we will also provide resources and materials to diamond professionals, support online jewellery shopping and establish partnerships that connect directly to the consumer – including retailers, press and influencers.

What types of consumer is the NDC reaching out to as a priority?

The Natural Diamond Council will be solely focused on consumers, listening to their desires and contributing to their dreams.

We know that younger demographics are inspired and engaged by new digital platforms and trend authorities, and we are working to become the top digital resource for Gen Z and Millennials in our industry.

Our ambitious plans reflect these goals, and right now we see an opportunity to speak directly to young demographics.

Many Millennial or Gen Z consumers who may have purchased experiences, such as travel, are likely to purchase instead luxury goods like diamonds, in the wake of COVID-19 travel restrictions and other public health regulations when they want to treat themselves.

How will the NDC face up to competition from other types of luxury goods?

We look to grow the natural diamond business and our competition are all of the other luxury products and experiences that compete for discretionary spend at our price points.

In recent years, consumers are making more meaningful, authentic and sentimental luxury purchases.

Due to the current economic climate, we believe consumers will have an even greater respect for these attributes and will align with brands that have an honest commitment to social impact and transparency.

Our new platform and natural diamonds in general are well positioned to meet these behavioural shifts and will serve to inspire these meaningful purchases, while providing new insight on the ethics, sustainability and progress of the industry.

Will the NDC be focusing on certain key geographical markets and, if so, which ones?

We are launching in the US and Europe on June 1, and we will launch in China and India on July 1.

Content will vary by region, and we are excited to promote and feature local talent in our content, as well as launch our new hub for local retailers and designers that will provide easy access to an array of industry resources, customisable marketing materials, and e-learning programmes.