WEBINAR REPLAY – Vicenzaoro September will celebrate the “State of the Art”


The upcoming September 10-14 edition of Vicenzaoro September, the first major “in-person” jewellery trade show taking place in Europe in 2021, will celebrate the “State of the Art”, focusing on how the industry is evolving through the pandemic, Event Director Marco Carniello tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

Vicenzaoro September (VOS 21) trade event.

Watch Jewellery Outlook webinar looking forward to the special features of the Vicenzaoro September (VOS 21) trade event. The webinar, entitled “Highlights of Upcoming Vicenzaoro September (VOS21) Jewellery Fair”.

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In the following interview with Jewellery Outlook, Marco Carniello highlights some of the special features of the show, which will gather members of the international trade “in-person” for the first time in many months.

Marco Carniello
Marco Carniello

What will be the main special features of the September 2021 edition of Vicenzaoro (VOS21)? Why will this show be significant for the global trade?

VO September ’21 will mark a new start. After all these months spent online, people in the industry want to go back to the halls and see each other. Being a show “in-presence” is the great news for all our worldwide community.

What does the “State of the Art” theme encompass and celebrate?

We have been discussing a lot about the future of our industry in the past editions of VO. At this VO September we will focus on “now”, on the current State of the Art – visitors and exhibitors will gather to see where we all are now and what has changed, probably forever.

Vicenzaoro September trade event

What will be the leading product lines exhibiting at the show?

All exhibitors are enthusiastic to finally show their new pieces in the booths – we expect a significant volume of new collections, new ideas and innovations across the categories.

How have Italian gold and silver jewellery exports performed during the pandemic?

Italian jewellery exports suffered during 2020 (around -28% vs 2019) but 2021 is showing some positive signs of recovery.

Vicenzaoro (VOS 21) trade event.

What part will watches and timepieces play at VOS21?

Our Watches community is growing in the VO ecosystem as we see more and more interest from watches companies in Vicenza.

In September visitors will enjoy both our VO Vintage project, a B2C event for collectors and lovers of vintage watches and jewellery, and VO’Clock, the new B2B area for independent brands of contemporary watches.