RETAIL SPOTLIGHT – FOPE opens first flagship store in Japan


Italian jewellery brand FOPE strengthens its global expansion strategy, choosing Tokyo for its first flagship store launch in Asia

Italian jewellery brand FOPE launched its new flagship Japanese store in Tokyo’s Ginza district on June 14, within the city’s luxury shopping quarter.

RETAIL SPOTLIGHT – FOPE opens first flagship store in Japan

Set over two storeys, the new mono-brand store boasts a spacious 100m2 sales space on the ground floor, plus a 89m2 coffee point on the floor above: a unique area designed to extend the shopping experience by remaining open outside of store hours.

The atmosphere of the new FOPE store exudes references to typical Italian architecture and design: the façade and coverings are made from light-coloured Venetian terrazzo, assembled in separate segments. At night, the spaces between each of the segments are illuminated by a back-lighting system. The building’s pyramid-shaped profiles also evoke the façades of historic Renaissance palazzos.

Inside the store, there are three separate areas, each with a distinctive function: within the welcoming lobby a display cabinet takes full advantage of the dual corner outlook; in the middle area is the sales floor, while the innermost space is set aside for a more intimate VIP room featuring a mirrored ceiling. Each area is separated by a set of three arches, which again evokes Renaissance architecture. Key materials are wood for the flooring and brass for the furniture, while brass is also used to cover the frames for the arches, display cabinets and windows.

The FOPE store’s colour palette ranges in tone from white in the lobby to two greens – one lighter and one darker – in the innermost rooms: a reference to the brand’s corporate colours.

RETAIL SPOTLIGHT – FOPE opens first flagship store in Japan

I am delighted and incredibly proud to be launching our brand’s flagship store after just three years in the Japanese market, almost two of which coincided with the pandemic and lockdown, which was particularly extensive in Japan. My greatest satisfaction is to be here cutting the ribbon with my family and the next generation of Cazzolas,” says Umberto Cazzola, President of FOPE.

The new retail point joins FOPE’s other flagship stores in Venice, London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Isola Bella, a seasonal boutique on Italy’s Lake Maggiore.

Founded in Vicenza in 1929, FOPE has always attracted international recognition for its pioneering spirit and innovation in jewellery.

The brand is sold in over 700 sales points worldwide, with an extensive presence in major countries in Europe and across the world.

RETAIL SPOTLIGHT – FOPE opens first flagship store in Japan