INDUSTRY NEWS – Italian Trade Agency announces launch of e-shopping website for ‘Made in Italy’ jewelry


HOUSTON, USA – The Italian Trade Agency (ITA), led by Trade Commissioner Fabrizio Giustarini, has announced the launch of its new e-shopping website

This state-of-the-art platform is designed to be an educational, inspirational, and educative hub for buyers, traders, and enthusiasts of Italian jewelry. 

A bridge between two markets 

The new e-shopping website aims to foster connections between the U.S. and Italian markets by featuring 121 companies—comprising designers, brands, manufacturers, and suppliers—under the domain of The Extraordinary Italian Jewelry (TEIJ). The platform will offer real-time updates on market trends, keeping the entire jewelry sector current and competitive.

Uniting craftsmanship and innovation 

An extension of ITA’s groundbreaking program to promote ‘Made in Italy’ jewelry in North America, the website is more than just a marketplace. It’s a comprehensive resource designed to elevate the Italian jewelry sector. Traders and consumers can expect to find valuable insights into the world of Italian jewelry, including exclusive interviews, how-to guides, and trend analysis articles.

The Extraordinary Italian Jewelry (TEIJ) initiative 

This initiative is part of ITA’s broader “The Extraordinary Italian Jewelry” program, which aims to promote the design, craftsmanship, and unique style that sets Italian jewelry apart. Approximately 100 companies are part of this program, representing diverse materials, styles, and techniques, but are united by the ‘Made in Italy’ label that signifies top-notch design and craftsmanship. 

INDUSTRY NEWS – Italian Trade Agency announces launch of e-shopping website for ‘Made in Italy’ jewelry

About ITA 

The Italian Trade Agency is a government organization that enhances the global reach of Italian companies and encourages foreign investment in Italy. With the launch of the new e-shopping website, ITA aims to cement Italian jewelry’s status as a symbol of luxury, artistry, and timeless elegance.