Robert Glenn launches three exquisite new collections


Robert Glenn launches three exquisite new collections

By David Brough

LONDON, September 2016 – Hatton Garden diamond jewellery manufacturer Robert Glenn is launching three exquisitely designed new collections this year, inspired by the natural world and fashion.

Robert Glenn is looking to launch the new diamond jewellery lines to stockists around the UK in October.

The three collections, inspired by the Skies, Flowers and the Bow, are each distinguishable by their look – and yet comparable in their delicate, feminine elegance.

Aimed at spanning a wide range of ages above 20, they are pieces that you would want to gift or buy for yourself.

Sitting within an affordable price range but enough of a luxury to be a guilty pleasure, the collections are:

ASTRO COLLECTION – Looking to the twinkling skies for inspiration, this collection hopes to mirror the phenomenon of shooting stars with Celestial silhouettes of diamonds firing out on fine tracks of chain.
Robert Glenn launches three exquisite new collections PETAL COLLECTION – A collection with a classical floral theme but with a hint of avant-garde.

Quintessential petal shapes, organically formed into more contemporary and forward thinking pieces, like the ‘between-the-finger” ring designs and the open bangles.
Robert Glenn launches three exquisite new collections PINKY BOW COLLECTION – A fun, feminine and delicate collection inspired by the tying of a little piece of string around one’s little finger.
Robert Glenn launches three exquisite new collections Each collection was designed to include a selection of earrings, pendants, rings and wrist-wear, both every day and evening pieces, giving choice to the consumer.

These are comprehensive collections but with room to develop and expand.

Robert Glenn, a diamond jewellery manufacturer with 25 years’ experience on Hatton Garden, will develop a fresh brand identity through the new collections and looks forward to presenting the pieces to stockists around the country.

“We like strong independent shops selling strong jewellery,” says Christian Woodcock, head of marketing at Robert Glenn.

Key to this strategy will be a judicious selection of diamonds.

“We always take time and care to select the very best for our clients, and source our diamonds to suit every taste and budget,” Christian said.

With the benefit of skilled craftsmanship, Robert Glenn also produces bespoke diamond jewellery.

One customer loved the idea of a large amethyst stone contrasted against a delicate lace style diamond filigree style ring.

Another recent bespoke Robert Glenn piece was an exquisite, fairly heavy, statement yellow gold bangle with stunning diamonds: over 100 hand set diamonds in rows, pave set, on 18 carat gold.

“This is another of our handmade creations designed and created to a customer’s unique and high standards,” Christian said. “The lady was thrilled with the result!”