Royal Asscher plans UK retailer event in Leeds


Royal Asscher plans UK retailer event in Leeds

After the success of its first retailer event in London in March, Royal Asscher will host invited retailers in Leeds on June 13 as the brand expands its retail presence in the UK, managing director Lita Asscher tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough. 
Royal Asscher plans UK retailer event in LeedsBridalQ. Lita, after your presentation in London on March 13 to UK retailers about Royal Asscher, what are your follow-up plans?

Lita Asscher: We really enjoyed meeting several retailers in London at our first event and made several clients. We truly feel that this intimate way of connecting with retailers and having the ability to tell our story, share our passion and show our merchandise, is a wonderful way to connect.

Therefore we have decided that we are hosting a second retailer day event in Leeds on June 13.

Q. Why is Royal Asscher a strong proposition for retailers in the UK? Does the brand’s history provide a good fit for the UK market?

Lita Asscher: Every retailer is seeking to strengthen and differentiate itself through unique, distinctive designs and brand messages. Luxury heritage brands with beautiful merchandise attract an audience.
Royal Asscher plans UK retailer event in LeedsStars: Floating diamonds Royal Asscher delivers provenance, progressiveness and prestige to our retail customers, because we have such a beautiful and authentic story to tell.

Our ancestors were responsible for such eminent achievements as the creation of the original 1902 Asscher Cut diamond, and the cutting of the largest diamond ever found, the 3,105-carat Cullinan diamond for Great Britain’s Crown Jewels.

• Royal Asscher is about Dutch diamonds and our family’s legacy as diamond innovators.
• We are about celebrating our origins in Amsterdam through an appreciation of Dutch light, love and its beautiful natural elements.
• We are about making a bride feel as unique and special as her engagement ring.
• We are about celebrating the milestones in a woman’s life.
• We are about designing and offering curated and edited collections that have a definitive and unique point of view.
• We are about social responsibility and sustainability.

Q. What will be your broad message to retailers, in terms of the packages/agreements that you can offer them?

Lita Asscher: Royal Asscher is a family business that is looking to find the right retail partners. That means that we are flexible in the packages and arrangements we make with our retailers as no one retailer is the same.

We offer different options, from loose diamonds to full bridal sets and fashion diamond jewellery. It can be a selection of all of these or starting with one of them and then slowly building it out to a full Royal Asscher experience.

Q. What are Royal Asscher’s plans in terms of introducing new collections and cuts, and will these be tailored to suit UK market tastes?

Lita Asscher: Royal Asscher currently offers the Royal Asscher Round diamond and the Royal Asscher Square Cut diamond set in beautiful pieces.
Royal Asscher plans UK retailer event in LeedsLita Next year we will be adding more fancy shapes as we believe these are well sought after by consumers and fit our love of diamonds very well.

What we show with this is our ongoing passion for innovation and creation. There is nothing more amazing then making beautiful diamond cuts and being able to see consumers become enamoured of them when they get the chance to see and buy them. Royal Asscher diamonds are truly a masterpiece when it comes to perfection and craftsmanship. We always cut for beauty.

Q. How will Royal Asscher raise its profile in the UK market, in terms of marketing, communications and social media?

Lita Asscher: We have created a complete social media plan and bridal campaign that will be launching in the fourth quarter of 2018.

We look forward to connecting all of our new retailers to it in order to connect and attract as many consumers in their specific area as possible.
Royal Asscher plans UK retailer event in Leeds