RUBIES NEWS – Fura Gems appoints China Stone as Sightholder for Mozambican rubies


Fura Gems, a leading global gemstone mining company, and China Stone have announced an agreement under which Fura Gems will grant China Stone access to a selection of premium rough rubies. This partnership guarantees a reliable source of ethically mined gemstones, supporting better production planning and forecasting for watches, jewellery manufacturers, and retailers.

Key Highlights:

• Fura Gems will provide China Stone with rough rubies ranging from 0.25 carats to 0.75 carats.

• China Stone, a leading supplier of precision-cut and polished gemstones for the watch and jewellery Industry, will receive a guaranteed allocation for an initial period of three years.

• Fura Gems will offer ‘Proof of Mine Origin,’ certifying that the supply has been ethically mined from Fura’s Montepuez location in Mozambique.

• This guaranteed allocation enables China Stone to provide a Chain of Custody to its clients, ensuring full traceability from Mine to Market.

• Fura Gems and China Stone will collaborate on developing marketing materials and activities to support the trade, build consumer confidence, and increase demand for this category.

• Fura Gems has recently been registered as an RJC – Responsible Jewellery Council member.

Fura Gems’ Montepuez mine in Mozambique gained international acclaim, notably for discovering the extraordinary Estrela de FURA ruby, symbolising Fura’s commitment to excellence and ethical practices. Through community engagement, environmental conservation initiatives, and responsible mining practices, Fura Gems has made significant strides in promoting ethical and sustainable gemstone production.

This partnership represents a significant milestone in Fura Gems’ mission to establish a robust, transparent, and traceable gemstone supply chain. By providing China Stone exclusive access to these high-quality rubies, Fura Gems is taking a decisive step towards fostering trust and reliability in the industry.

RUBIES NEWS – Fura Gems appoints China Stone as Sightholder for Mozambican rubies

Dev Shetty, Founder and CEO of Fura Gems, said, “We are delighted to announce this partnership with China Stone, a first of its kind in the coloured gemstone mining industry. This collaboration addresses the long-standing demand for a reliable and consistent supply of ethically mined coloured gemstones in the gems and jewellery sector. Like the diamond industry, the assurance of a consistent supply of coloured gemstones will significantly boost demand from brands, large retailers, and manufacturers. We are proud to share our exceptional rubies with the world through this collaboration.”

Mr. Li, CEO of China Stone, said, “Partnering with Fura Gems, a company deeply committed to ethical mining and quality, aligns perfectly with China Stone’s values. We are honoured to partner with Fura’s and work with their outstanding rubies, confident that these gemstones will captivate our customers worldwide. Consistent supply of coloured gemstones has been a significant challenge, and we believe this collaboration will not only eliminate this challenge but also assist our clients in planning their production well in advance to meet the demand. Additionally, we will utilise Fura’s coloured gemstone training module to raise awareness among our staff and clients.”