SARA PEYMANPOUR launches fine jewellery brand at Couture London


SARA PEYMANPOUR launches fine jewellery brand at Couture London

LONDON, May 2018 – Designer Sara Peymanpour is launching her eponymous, responsibly sourced luxury jewellery brand, SARA PEYMANPOUR London, introducing collections inspired by her Persian heritage, at Couture London, a showcase event for designer brands on Old Bond Street on June 12.

Sara will present five new collections to VIP buyers and press attending the prestigious, invitation-only event.
SARA PEYMANPOUR launches fine jewellery brand at Couture London

Her first collection of earrings, rings and necklaces, is called Golbarg (meaning Petal in Persian), and is inspired by flower motifs found in Persian carpets, featuring sleek, clean lines in 18-k yellow gold set with responsibly sourced natural colour gemstones such as tsavorite garnets, blue topaz and citrine.

“The designs are inspired by flowers depicted in Persian carpets and geometric shapes in mosaics and architecture,” said Sara, who grew up in Iran and is now based in London.

Sara is also presenting at Couture London her “Persian Garden” collection, with intricately crafted gem-set yellow gold rings that appear to float on the hand.

“Persian gardens, dating back as early as 4,000 BC, symbolising Heaven on Earth and often found inside the courtyards of houses and palaces, have influenced garden designs from India to Andalucía and beyond,” she said.
SARA PEYMANPOUR launches fine jewellery brand at Couture London Textures and shapes were specifically chosen by architects to harness light, colour and geometry. This collection features colourful gemstones arranged as flowers.

“Noor”, which means “Light”, is Sara’s third collection, and includes earrings and pendants inspired by Persian lamps of the Safavid era, around 500 years ago.

Sara explained: “Light is the element that has played an important role in the traditional architecture of Iran. Play of shadow and light has given a mystical sense to architectural space, whether in houses or in religious buildings like mosques.”

The Noor collection embodies these elements in a delicate yet stunning play of light, form and colour. The lamp-like designs incorporate blue topaz and turquoise set in 18-k gold.

Sara will also showcase at Couture London a series of one-off pieces made in Iran, comprising her Empire Collection, inspired by the Persian Empire of the Achaemenid era which stretched from Eastern Europe to China.

“These pieces are inspired by the Persian Empire’s golden era dating back 2,500 years and its discovered ornaments and artifacts in Persepolis. All items in this collection are one-of-a-kind and handmade in Iran using ancient techniques. This collection brings back the glory and magic of Persian royal courts and its legendary princesses,” Sara said.

Sara has a range of cufflinks called “Zigourat”, named after iconic buildings of seven levels located in the centre of ancient cities.
SARA PEYMANPOUR launches fine jewellery brand at Couture London

Sara explains: “Zigourats were massive monuments built in ancient Mesopotamia, having the form of a terraced step pyramid of successively receding levels. Zigourats were the centre of each city and were believed to be dwelling places for the gods.” These amazing cufflinks have the powerful essence and solidity of each Zigourat in them.

The cufflinks are made from 18-k gold or sterling silver, set with onyx, turquoise, or other gemstones upon request.

Sara, whose other design inspirations include nature, the ocean and her travel experiences, is available for bespoke commissions by appointment at her newly appointed luxury showroom on Brook Street in Mayfair.

“I design a lot of engagement rings: I spend time with my clients to find out what their tastes are, and I let them have a hand-sketched picture of the design,” said Sara, who holds a masters degree in Jewellery design and is a Graduate Gemmologist of the GIA (Gemological Institute of America.)

All of Sara’s jewellery is responsibly sourced and made by master craftspeople in Italy, Britain and Iran.

Sara has been nominated for her designs in the Arts and Crafts Design Awards, which take place later this year.
SARA PEYMANPOUR launches fine jewellery brand at Couture London