Sotheby’s inaugurates a New Concept of Luxury Sales in Geneva


Following a year of innovations and transformation of its business model, Sotheby’s inaugurates this week a new concept of luxury sales: The Festival of Wonder.

The first edition, to take place in Geneva from 7 until 11 November, will include a state-of-the-art exhibition (upon appointment only), virtual educational events and a series of live and online sales* dedicated to the fastest-growing luxury categories on the auction market.

Encompassing Jewellery, Watches, Collectors Cars and Designer Handbags, this innovative format is tailored to the increasing trend of cross-collecting in these categories. It is also testament to the new definition of luxury and the evolving role played by auction houses in the sector.

The sale series will showcase the best of the best in each discipline – wonders of nature, treasures of creativity and marvels of engineering, all elevating luxury to the level of art.

Highlights include an ultra-rare pink diamond, steeped in Russia’s long diamond tradition, a one-off Lancia Aurelia from the golden era of Italian automotive design, ground-breaking pocket watches by watchmaking geniuses, highly complicated vintage and modern timepieces and iconic designer handbags.

The flagship Jewellery, Watch and car live auctions will be streamed live on on 11 November, while online sales will be opened for bidding during the entirety of the Festival. 

Josh Pullan, Managing Director of the Luxury Division, said: “This innovative concept showcases the intersection of multiple luxury categories and reflects how our clients collect across these disciplines. We believe that by creating interesting connections between jewellery, watches, cars and other luxury goods, we can engage in a deeper way with our existing clients and introduce new audiences to these passion-based categories.

“This is the first step in redefining pre-owned luxury and we’re excited to continue the journey in our next “Festival of Wonder” in New York in December.” 

Caroline Lang, Chairman of Sotheby’s Switzerland, said: “The definition of luxury has profoundly evolved over the past decade, and so has the millenary-old tradition of collecting. Both notions are today very much anchored in the Zeitgeist of our time.

“Collectors are conscious of their environment and want to acquire unique objects, displaying exceptional materials and craftmanship and steeped in heritage – ‘wonders’ that make us dream and invite us to ponder on the history of the world.

“This new concept unites marvels from the past with 21st-century objects of desire, from historic noble jewels and pocket watches to a newly discovered pink diamond. It is an invitation to anyone who is interested in learning more about the art and time-honoured savoir-faire that goes into the creation of timeless luxury pieces.”Sotheby’s inaugurates a New Concept of Luxury Sales in Geneva

Credit: Sotheby’s