Jewellery News-Sotheby’s showcases exhibition of jewels of Alexandre Reza



Sotheby’s showcases exhibition of jewels of Alexandre Reza

August 2013 – The Extraordinary Jewelry of Alexandre Reza, a public exhibition highlighting both the historic and contemporary works of the Paris-based Maître Joaillier since the 1950s, has been announced by Sotheby’s with a November debut in New York.
From New York, the exhibition will travel to Sotheby’s global offices in 2014, with planned locales including London, Doha and Beijing.
Jewellery News-Sotheby’s showcases exhibition of jewels of Alexandre Reza
The exhibition will comprise some 25 select vignettes exploring the house’s library of jewels that often surpass even those of legendary royal collections.
Olivier Reza, son of now-retired Alexandre, said: “My family and I are honored to partner with Sotheby’s and share both the Alexandre Reza archives and new creations with jewelry collectors around the world.
“Carefully curated, this exhibition will showcase my father’s legacy as a jeweler, and the work that we create today in his honor.
“Our passion for connecting high-quality craftsmanship with superb raw material, combined with impeccable design will forever remain the cornerstone of our house.”
David Bennett, Chairman of Sotheby’s Jewelry Division, Europe & Middle East, said, “Alexandre Reza’s legacy forms an integral and important part of the history of post war jewelry.
“Sotheby’s is honored to showcase his work through this special exhibition which will include many of the most important jewels and parures created by Alexandre Reza during the last 40 years, featuring spectacular diamonds, natural pearls and superb colored gems.
“We are particularly thrilled to support his son Olivier as he carries the Reza name to the next generation of collectors and connoisseurs with his exciting new designs.”