Spice up your evening with Colored Diamonds


Spice up your evening with Colored Diamonds

One of the greatest feelings in the world is getting all dressed up, feeling like a million dollars and ready to hit the town to show everyone what you’ve got. In order for that to happen you need to have the proper equipment, i.e., stunning eveningwear, to-die-for heels, and of course, the blingiest bling you can get your hands on. If you really want to knock everyone off their feet, your bling must be extraordinary.
Spice up your evening with Colored Diamonds

One way of achieving this effect is with the help of colored diamonds.  Not only are colored diamonds, diamonds (hence their name) and shine like crazy more than any other stone, but they display mesmerizing and unusual colors that could complement a wide range of dresses, especially the typical “little black dress” that every woman has in her closet. Here are a few ways to spice up your evening getup with some shimmering colored diamond jewelry.
The Black Dress as the Perfect Backdrop

Black is beautiful. Black is classy. Black is effortless and safe. Too safe. In order to take some risks and draw some attention, add some color with a stunning pair of fancy yellow diamond drop earrings. With such sparklers hanging from your ears, you don’t even need a necklace! If earrings are not for you, try a choker with a colorful pendant.

Spice up your evening with Colored Diamonds

It can combine a number of colored diamonds to really bring some life to your outfit. Now you won’t have to worry that your “safe” choice got you lost in a sea of black, because the beauty of the colors will make you stand out more than you can imagine.
Pretty in Pink
What woman does not like pink? There is something so soft and feminine to the color pink, and pink diamonds take this vibe to a whole new level. Whether you choose to complement a cocktail dress or gown in the “pink” family, or simply choose to brighten up a neutral colored getup, pink diamonds will enhance any look. A cocktail ring with sparkling pink diamonds could do the trick.
Shine Like the Sun
Yellow has made quite the comeback and many ladies are taking advantage of the trend by bringing it to the ballroom to liven up the party. Whether we are talking yellow like the sun, a pale yellow, or a golden yellow, yellow dresses can use some classy company. In order not to overdo it, fancy yellow diamonds should be worn in moderation. A yellow diamond ring, cocktail ring, or pair of yellow diamonds studs will suffice. This way the yellow theme is maintained; the beauty of the colored diamonds is seen, and you are the center of attention without being an eyesore.
Romantic Tones for Orange/Rust, Brown, and Champagne Dresses
Many evening dresses come in warm tones such as brown, rust, or champagne. Cognac, chocolate, brown, or champagne colored diamonds as they are known are the perfect addition to these dresses. Chandelier earrings showcasing brown diamonds are romantic and regal. A brown diamond statement necklace, cocktail ring, or bracelet could do as well.
It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to get all dolled up, so when that time comes around, make the most of it. Take out that sophisticated dress from its garment bag and adorn yourself with some colorful jewels that will have everyone talking. Step away from the bland strand of pearls or even colorless diamonds and introduce some colored diamonds to your eveningwear collection. It will make all the difference.


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