Dimpex looking to grow in Europe


Dimpex looking to grow in Europe

Bakul Mehta
Bakul Mehta
MUMBAI, India , September 19, 2010 – Indian jewellery manufacturer Dimpex is looking to grow its business in the UK and continental Europe , its owner Bakul Mehta said.

“For the moment we are concentrating on Europe . Most of our product goes to the UK. We want to develop markets in Europe,” Mehta told Jewellery Outlook in a recent interview.
“We feel we are well-suited to the European markets as we are very quality conscious. The UK is a market which is very quality conscious about products.”

Mehta added, “We are looking at the French market, and the CIS countries, such as Russia ; and Germany.”
Dimpex manufactures and exports jewellery pieces, particularly diamond studded jewellery, all of which is made in India.

Bakul said he was optimistic that the UK and euro zone economies would bounce back soon from the economic downturn.
Dimpex supplies manufactured pieces to wholesalers and retailers with broad-based distribution channels in the UK.

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