STANDARDS – Royal Touch becomes certified member of Responsible Jewellery Council


NEW YORK – Coloured gemstone dealer Royal Touch LLC has announced that they have become a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the world’s leading standard setting agency for the global jewelry and watch industry.

The company’s membership is now sealed with the entrusted Certification of its CSR/ESG processes as audited by independent auditors.

The Certification will be valid for the next three years. Royal Touch’ membership and certification reflect its long-standing commitment to responsible business practices and the wider sustainability agenda, aimed at creating positive impacts along the jewelry supply chain, from mine to retail.

“We want to lead by setting an example,” said Ashish Rawat, Director, Royal Touch. “Many companies talk about responsible practices and that is good, of course. We are very committed to responsible business practices already for a long time and we do engage with our key stakeholders in this especially with our clients.

“As individuals, as a company and really focus on our unwavering commitment to our clients  globally. Doing well by doing good we always say. We wanted to step up however on our brand promise by really showing proof that we have the right processes and practices in place when it concerns responsible business practices.

“Independent audited Certification on those practices is therefore key for us. We conduct our business according to three business principles related to our sustainability strategy embedded in our overall philosophy: People, Planet and Product.”

STANDARDS – Royal Touch becomes certified member of Responsible Jewellery Council

Royal Touch has completed an in-depth self-assessment which was extremely useful to self-reflect and educate our colleagues as well. Royal Touch will be re-audited on a regular basis as the company aims at continuous improvement.

RJC helps companies of all sizes, throughout the jewelry supply chain, meet the rising demands of consumers and other stakeholders to know more about the responsible practices of the companies from whom they buy.

“I’m thrilled that Royal Touch has chosen to fully join the RJC family,” said Melanie Grant, Executive Director of RJC.

“RJC hopes even more organizations will be inspired to follow in Royal Touch’ footsteps within the colored gemstone sector and join what is essentially a sustainability movement. America is an important market for us and we look forward to growing our membership there.”