Impressions from VICENZAORO Charm


Impressions from VICENZAORO Charm

By Pooja Agarwal


Impressions from VICENZAORO Charm
Oceania collection by AUTORE, in limited edition, inspired by the enchanting undersea world of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
Singapore: 15th May 2009
Arrival: Venice, Italy
16th to 20th May
At a moment of great difficulty for the Italian jewellery world, the exhibitors at Vicenza fair presented merchandise leading ever more strongly towards design innovation and changing consumption patterns.
Key Trends
– Lace
– Openwork
– Contrasting textures and colours
– Clean geometric designs
– Chains with innovative links
– Interplay of precious with non-precious materials
– Hand made elements
– Long chains with gemstones, pearls or diamonds
– Medallions
– Nature, perfect imperfection
– Charms
– Cocktail rings

Impressions from VICENZAORO Charm
Mantra Collection by Luca Carati
People want to ‘invest’ in what they buy. Something of serious quality, with a story to tell, narrative jewellery that is gorgeous. It is not the time to produce mindless frivolities. Disposable jewellery is no longer a must. There is a desire for individuality.
Zydo, Autore, Roberto Coin, Palmiero, Picchiotti and some others understand this well and showcased collections well in tune with the dominant mood.
“We must highlight the urgent need for a cultural revolution in jewellery, supporting the fact that Roberto Coin is committed not only to product and design, but also to the creation of values,” says Roberto Coin.
Luxury customers will still buy, but they’re being infinitely more discerning – they seek limited edition items which are made exceptionally well to last.
Autore displayed South Sea pearl jewellery collections, including Essential, Boutique, Couture, alongside exclusive designs from the limited-edition Oceania range.
Impressions from VICENZAORO Charm
Bovary collection by Zydo
Diamonds and emeralds Parure

Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, exclusivity and design research, found shape in the timeless elegance of the latest Bovary Collection by Zydo, giving great value and renewed artistic vigour, praising the high aesthetic values of luxury without ostentation.
If Nature is the reassuring place where one finds sweetness, enchantment and the warmth of softly wrapping shapes, the City is the fast and modern scenario, rich in graphical style. These elements fused to give Luca Carati’s design a strong contemporary taste.
These are all beautifully made investment pieces, a single one of which would add immensely to existing collections.