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Gems, Diamonds and Jewellery Blogs at jewelleryoutlook
View from the Vault – The Decade of Gold

It doesn’t matter which currency you earn, spend or squirrel away for the future. Gold has dominated the 21st century so far for investment returns – a fact which will look plain to future analysts, even if only a handful grasp it today. … Read More ››

Public Relations luxury executives see no turnaround soon

A round table discussion among international public relations executives representing the luxury
industry found little ground for optimism in the near term as sales of luxury goods around the world fall sharply due to the economic crisis, but some saw green shoots … Read More ›

Sharp focus on sale of rare blue diamond amid recession

The May 12 Geneva Sotheby’s auction of a supremely rare 7.03-carat blue diamond will attract plenty of interest from the diamond community, as it is the first sale of an important diamond this year and comes against the backdrop of the worst global economic crisis in generations … Read More ››

Greed Down, Fear Up

WITH Indian jewellery buyers entirely out of the picture during February 2009, it’s clearly investor stress that’s driving the bid for gold this year so far. Gold imports to India sank to zero last month, says the Bombay Bullion Association. But lacking this key source of physical demand … Read More ››

Italian jewellers hampered by low-cost competition …

Gems, Diamonds and Jewellery Blogs at jewelleryoutlook

Italian jewellers have had a reputation for centuries for honing some of the highest quality and most exquisite designs in gold and silver jewellery. … Read More ››

Gold may test new highs on inflation fears

Gold looks set for a big comeback due to worries over an eventual resurgence of inflation following this week’s chunky cut in U.S. interest rates and the recent $700 billion financial rescue bailout plan. .. Read More ››

View from the Vault: Investors vs. Consumers, 2009

So after rising in Dollars for the last eight years running – and rising in 28 of the last 36 years for buyers in India, the world’s hungriest market – can the price of gold in 2009 continue to .. Read More ››

Gold disappoints as safe haven

Gold has failed to deliver as a safe-haven investment. Even though we are now living through the world’s worst financial crisis in 80 years, gold has lost 5 percent of its value since the collapse of Lehman .. Read More ››

Harrogate tests the pulse of the north …

Gems, Diamonds and Jewellery Blogs at jewelleryoutlook
The jewellers of the majestic town of Harrogate give a pretty good indication of the state of the north of England jewellery market.Harrogate is an affluent place … Read More ››

Challenging times for jewellery trade

The warning signs are there. It’s going to be a tough Christmas for jewellery sales in many markets. The latest fall in sales at Signet in the United States and the UK suggests that the… Read More ››

Green Street brings Bollywood to London

Gems, Diamonds and Jewellery Blogs at jewelleryoutlook
The vigorous branding campaign of east London’s predominantly South Asian Green Street jewellers underscores the heightened impact of multi-culturalism … Read More ››

Vicenza Fair takes a big risk on the Glam Room

Gems, Diamonds and Jewellery Blogs at jewelleryoutlook


The Vicenza Fair took a big risk at its autumn jewellery trade fair: It made a huge investment in backing the technological and design innovation to be found in its brand new, state-of-the-art Glam Room … Read More ››


View from the Vault: Something Odd Stirs in Mayfair

Gems, Diamonds and Jewellery Blogs at jewelleryoutlook
SOMETHING odd happened to the gold-investment market in late November. For the first time since mid-July, hedge fund managers stopped betting against the gold price, sparking a one-day jump of 7% on 21st November and the best month-on-month gain in wholesale gold prices for .. Read More ››

Stoical mood at IJL as worries over global …

Gems, Diamonds and Jewellery Blogs at jewelleryoutlook

A mood of caution prevailed among jewellers attending International Jewellery London (IJL) this year amid gloom over the global economic outlook … Read More ››