Talented designers showcase latest pieces at Goldsmiths’ Fair


Talented designers showcase latest pieces at Goldsmiths’ Fair

By David Brough

LONDON, October 6, 2018 – Highly talented and experienced designers showcased their newest pieces of jewellery and objects at Goldsmiths’ Fair this year, with connoisseur-collectors jostling to glimpse at some extraordinary gem-set jewellery creations.

Designers such as Ingo Henn, William Cheshire, James Fairhurst and Tomasz Donocik, presented their latest jewellery collections and unique pieces at the prestigious Fair held inside the historic Goldsmiths’ Hall near St. Paul’s Cathedral.

This year 138 exhibitors – 69 each week – were selected from over 400 applicants.

The Fair says it showcases only the best contemporary designer craftspeople working in gold and silver.

Talented designers showcase latest pieces at Goldsmiths’ Fair
Audacity Ring

Hatton Garden-based designer Ingo Henn showed off a 26.49 carat pear shape red Imperial topaz detachable necklace, with 18-carat white gold and diamonds.

William Cheshire, who has his own boutique in east London, revealed a 17-carat brown tourmaline “Audacity ring”, set in 9-carat rose gold, with a 4-claw setting; and an Australian chrysoprase ring (35 mm by 27 mm), set in 9-carat rose gold.

Tomasz Donocik showed pieces from his Stellar collection, inspired by the constellations, and a superb “one-off” diamond necklace.

His Stellar Bangle featured 18-carat rose gold, rubies, diamonds, pink opal, white agate, and black hematite.

Silver objects and jewellery were also on display at the Fair, including superbly crafted pieces by designers such as Juliette Bigley, Cara Tonkin, and Adam Veevers.

Standout pieces included Juliette Bigley’s Six Bowls on a Base, in sterling silver and copper, and Cara Tonkin’s Paillette Chainmail Necklace in sterling silver and 18-carat gold.

Talented designers showcase latest pieces at Goldsmiths’ FairBlue-Green Tourmaline Earrings