Taylor & Hart launches UK’s first engagement ring ad campaign shot entirely via FaceTime


Bespoke engagement ring and jewellery brand, Taylor & Hart, has just launched the UK’s first advertising campaign featuring imagery shot solely through FaceTime.

‘Love is Now’ works within the reality of COVID-19 to showcase that real love is happening right now. For the first time ever, Taylor & Hart captured couple customers and their engagement rings from across the globe via FaceTime — no hair and makeup artists, no set, just a couple and an iPhone.

Whilst the purpose of the campaign wasn’t to showcase the jewellery specifically, it has been a great opportunity to show them being worn in every day life and neutral settings as opposed to studio photoshoots.

The new campaign ‘Love is Now’ features Taylor & Hart customers from across the globe, from London to France and New York to Auckland, showcasing their love throughout lockdown.

Since COVID-19, brands have had to think more creatively about the way they approach campaigns with everything, including photoshoots, becoming compromised due to social distancing regulations. The campaign is currently running on billboard sites across London and on Taylor & Hart’s social media channels.Taylor and Hart