The Diamond Price List exceeds forecast usage post-launch


The Diamond Price List (DPL™), a diamond pricing platform, has revealed initial usage has exceeded forecast expectations.

Buzz surrounding the launch of the DPL™ yielded strong interest from a myriad of industry sectors and has translated into acceptance and usage of the platform.

In its first two months of existence, the DPL™ app has been downloaded more than 20,000 times, logging multiple calculations per user by its global community, led by the US and other major diamond centers.

The Diamond Price List Calculator


The independent, market-referenced price list for polished diamonds makes use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science algorithms to ensure transparency and objectivity, allowing for the market to be reflected in the most accurate capacity.

The Diamond Price List is one of the three-part offerings debuted by the company in June; it is partnered with the first downloadable diamond calculator app, as well as the first diamond marketing insights platform.