The Jewelers Circle Debuts Latest Features “Storefronts” and “Saved Searches”


The Jewelers Circle, a private and secure trade-only online global trading platform to source rare vintage/estate jewelry, designer jewelry, loose stones, pearls, watches and other bespoke collectibles, debuts its latest feature “Storefronts” – hosted within the Jewelers Circle platform.

Storefronts provide members with a password-protected unique URL for companies that want a virtual showroom for private or public exposure. In addition, the Jewelers Circle is launching the new “Saved Searches” function that allows visitors to save search filters and receive opt-in notifications when products that fit their specific search parameters are added to the platform.

Storefronts Feature

Every exhibitor on the Jewelers Circle can create an online inventory and web presence that can be shared with clients – publicly or privately via a dedicated Storefronts URL.

The new addition of Storefronts provides increased value to subscribers and a way to further digitalize inventory to drive new business.

Every piece an exhibitor posts to the Jewelers Circle marketplace can be automatically uploaded to their Storefronts website. They can set viewing preferences, as well as passwords, to showcase what pieces and company information they choose to share. Prices can be customized from what is listed on the Jewelers Circle marketplace. By clicking on any item in their digital catalog, an item’s detail page will populate, and the viewer can contact them through an email prompt. Transactions will still happen off the platform and without any commissions from the Jewelers Circle. Having a Storefront through the Jewelers Circle automatically lists a company within the Circle’s Directory, thereby increasing visibility while maintaining security/privacy.

Whether an exhibitor is targeting the trade or private customers, Storefronts is an opportunity via the Jewelers Circle for exhibitors without their own website or that want to create a digital vault curated to specific clients,” says Marianne Fisher, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Jewelers Circle. “Among current exhibitor subscribers, 34% do not have sites listed in their profiles. We developed this to support smaller dealers and retailers as a turnkey solution to give them instant online visibility and presence.”

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Jewelers Circle_Storefronts

New Saved Searches and Platform Features

The Jewelers Circle is also proud to debut the new enhanced platform function called
“Saved Searches.” Users can save sorting filters and receive opt-in email notifications when pieces that match the search parameters are added to the platform.

“The new feature supports advanced customer clienteling practices. Retailers on the platform can set Saved Searches based on a client’s specifications, then save the search with that client’s name, and be notified when the item is available on the platform,” states Fisher.

The Jewelers Circle debuted in October 2020 with core functions include browsing thousands of listings with powerful sorting, filters and searching capabilities, connection to hundreds of top dealers from across the world, watchlists to save products and the ability to post calls for specific products to preferred dealers or the whole network and connect directly with exhibitors. The Jewelers Circle platform enables retailers and industry professionals to discover, connect, procure and ultimately transact without platform commissions in a way that would normally take place traditionally in-person. 

Additional features launched in 2021 including 24 Hour Best Offer Items – a new feature to bid on products from exhibitors with reserve price points available for a limited time, The Circle Newsfeed – an aggregated newsfeed to include information and special promotions from partners as well as updates on the newest products and exhibitors on the platform.

“The Jewelers Circle is a brilliant opportunity and a necessary tool. It allows us to stay current, connected and collaborative despite lockdowns, closures and grounded travel. It gives us the possibility to share pieces, source products, simply get information, and, equally important, interact,” says platform exhibitor, Faerber Collection. 

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