The Jewellery App relaunches B2B site and App


The Jewellery App relaunches B2B site and App

March 2019 – The Jewellery App (TJA) has relaunched its e-commerce platform with a variety of new features.

“The site has many new features giving suppliers new ways of promoting themselves and making it easy for retail jewellers to find them via their mobile phones,” said CEO Daren Daniels.

The new platform is split into 4 marketplaces — retail market, suppliers market, services market and new suppliers market.

“We believe that the ‘New Supplier’ section is the most exciting section for the UK retail trade, and the suppliers,” Daniels said.

“It helps new brands and suppliers to break into the UK market.”

The Jewellery App relaunches B2B site and App

The ‘New Suppliers Market’ gives the opportunity for new suppliers to offer promotions and deals to potential buyers. Sellers are only charged 4% when an item is sold.

The platform plans to build the confidence of buyers by delivering a 3rd party assessment of sellers, on products and service, terms, delivery times and references that can be followed up.

At a price of just £49.50 a month (min 6 months), suppliers have an affordable route to the market, available on the retailer’s phone via the new ‘Web App’. This uses the latest tech so you don’t need to visit any app stores but can download orders directly from the site.

In May 2018 the new company led by Daren and Michelle Daniels and Sue Wall, released their free B2B site for retailers, selling items to other retailers, such as stock, counters, boxes, lighting, safes etc.

The business has grown into 700+ members within a year.

The Jewellery App now has an information site at where you can see the new business to business features and sign up.
The Jewellery App relaunches B2B site and App