The Wisteria Collection by Sarah Ho


The Wisteria Collection by Sarah Ho

August 2017 – Sarah Ho has launched the second chapter of the Hidden Garden with the Wisteria Suite, the ‘hero’ pieces that are bursting with energy in an explosion of colours and shapes.
Jewellery News This suite takes inspiration from the Wisteria that graces London townhouses in the summer, transforming the brickwork into rich spectacles with their cascades of vivid blooms. The flowers represent longevity and grace and are used in Feng Shui as they symbolise honour and respect.

The vibrant pear-shaped stones nestle in jewels of rich fuchsias, summer yellows, deep blues and lustrous greens, the playful arrangement of baguettes and beads mimicking the clusters of tapering blooms.   Each colour combination reflects a personality, from romantic pinks to spiritual blue.

The studs transform into long statement earrings with the addition of diamonds and gems in an elegant flourish.

“I love contrasting colours and shapes of gemstones not usually seen together and combining them in a unique way within the designs.  The Wisteria is colourful, elegant yet symbolic” –  Sarah Ho.

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