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Vicenza Fair announces launch of VicenzaOro Italian Club

VICENZA, Italy, September 12, 2010 – Vicenza Fair has announced plans for the new “VicenzaOro Italian Club” at the JCK trade show in Las Vegas in 2011, which will showcase Italian exhibitors.
“‘VicenzaOro Italian Club’ is the new naming of the Italian pavilion at the JCK Show,” a brochure says.
JCK will take place in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from June 3-6, 2011.
Vicenza Choice 2010

Roberto Ditri, president of the Vicenza Fair, Corrado Facco, general director, and Cristina Salvi of the fair’s marketing department outlined plans for the VicenzaOro Italian Club in a presentation to exhibitors at the Vicenza Fair on September 11.
The VicenzaOro Italian Club has room for 150-170 exhibitors in an area of 1,690 square metres.
“We have a golden opportunity to use our location in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center with a new formula,” Ditri said.
“I fell in love with the VicenzaOro Italian Club concept from the first day. This is the start of a new strategy to take ‘Made in Italy’ products to the world.”


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