TRADE FAIR – Expectations for strong business at GemGenève November edition


By David Brough

GENEVA – The November 3-6 edition of GemGenève is expecting brisk orders based on a buoyant flow of trade across the high gemstone and jewellery sector so far this year, but fears over possible recession are a concern for future business, Co-Founder Thomas Faerber said.

“The market is very good,” Faerber told a news conference on the eve of GemGenève, referring to his own experiences this year at the Faerber Collection, which specialises in exceptional gemstones and antique jewellery. “We have had a very good year so far. I am confident that this edition of GemGenève will be a successful one.”

GemGenève press conference on November 2, 2022

GemGenève press conference on November 2, 2022

He added: “We see people talking about possible recession. We will see how deep it goes.”

GemGenève gathers upscale exhibitors selling loose coloured gemstones and diamonds, as well as contemporary and antique jewellery.

Vivienne Becker, a jewellery historian, journalist and trends forecaster, who curated the designer Vivarium Quartet at the show, said new technologies will encourage increased use of unusual combinations of materials in jewellery design.

She also referred to a move away from what she termed “over-complicated” jewellery, and spoke of strong interest in pieces featuring a blaze of colour and inspiration from nature.

Leading organisers and participants of GemGenève

Leading organisers and participants of GemGenève, including Co-Founders Ronny Totah (fourth from left) and Thomas Faerber (second from right)

The November edition of GemGenève attracts high level retailers from around the world, looking to re-stock in time for the festive season. Some retailers will be looking for superb loose coloured gemstones and diamonds to adorn bespoke creations.

GemGenève is expected to feature extraordinary no-heat Burmese rubies, rare and beautiful Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines, and exceptional fancy vivid color diamonds, amidst an array of signed antique jewellery pieces spanning Victorian, Art Nouveau and the perennially sought-after Art Deco period, as well as more recent Retro and vintage pieces.

Faerber told Jewellery Outlook that 1970s jewellery was selling very well now.

The show is unlike other trade events because it is organised by exhibitors for exhibitors, rather than by professional event managers, and thus is distinctive for its familial atmosphere that is much appreciated by participants.

GemGenève runs from November 3-6 at Palexpo, near Geneva airport, and precedes the November 8 Christie’s and November 9 Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auctions in central Geneva.

The proximity of GemGenève to the auctions is a magnet for high-end collectors, making Geneva the epicentre of the gemstone and jewellery business at this time of year.

Members of the press: David Brough

Members of the press: David Brough, Editor, Jewellery Outlook; Laura Inghirami, Donna Jewel; Rachael Taylor, freelance jewellery correspondent, Acting Editor, Rapaport Magazine