TRADE FAIR – GemGenève November edition is a sell-out with over 170 exhibitors including 144 jewellery retailers


The 5th edition of GemGenève, created in response to express demand from exhibitors, will be held at Palexpo from 3rd to 6th November 2022 in Hall 6.

The founders of GemGenève, Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah, have announced that the show will host 144 jewellery retailers from 19 countries. At this edition there will be over 170 exhibitors, including schools, designers, the Igor Carl Fabergé Foundation, laboratories and other partners.


This new autumn edition, the second edition of 2022, promises to be exceptional! Once again, GemGenève will be full of surprises and new discoveries, for both visitors and exhibitors. The show offers a panoramic journey to the heart of the world of jewellery, precious stones, rare and unique gems, pearls, ancient jewellery, historic and modern creations.

Past, Present, and Future, together again to offer the best in jewellery design at GemGenève!

 Ronny Totah says, “After the success of the May 2022 edition and following demands from our exhibitors, we decided to organise a second edition in November 2022 in Geneva, but that won’t become the norm in future.”

This edition will also focus on Fondation Igor Carl Fabergé which is celebrating its 40th anniversary at the GemGenève show. The Foundation and GemGenève are delighted to be able to present around a hundred pieces representing the breadth of the expertise of Carl Fabergé and his master craftsmen. Three imperial eggs will be revealed to the world on this occasion and will feature in the forthcoming catalogue expected to appear in Winter 2022 / 2023 (more to come!)

“GemGenève thus pursues its mission with the desire to bring together the best in the field of jewellery and precious stones” Nadège Totah

Focus on the 144 exhibitors

Led by American and Swiss exhibitors

In terms of participation, American exhibitors are always prominent, and they alone represent a quarter of the participants. They are followed by exhibitors from Switzerland, Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, Belgium, Thailand, India and France, and then companies from the United Kingdom, Singapore, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. And finally, exhibitors from Japan, Russia, Portugal and Spain.

The figures speak for themselves


Ronny Totah says, “The re-booking percentage between the May and November 2022 editions is more than 80%. More than 43 exhibitors are taking part in GemGenève for the 5th time and over 24 exhibitors will discover the show for the first time.” First-time exhibitors include companies like Ashok Jewellers (India), Arslanian Group (Belgium), House of Art Ltd, Madly Pte. Ltd., Mahenge Gems, Sunny Gem Co, Miranda Group Company Limited (Hong Kong), and Heritage Signed Jewels (Portugal), to name just a few. 

True ambassadors for GemGenève, this year there will be 144 professional exhibitors from 19 countries, showcasing the great diversity of humanity as well as the top quality items on display. Actors and full partners in this show, conceived and designed with them in mind. Together they offer an impressive variety of treasures to discover and acquire: ranging from affordable jewellery via rare and exceptional pieces to antique and historic gems, contemporary creations, not to mention diamonds, precious stones and pearls…

GemGenève makes every effort to facilitate things for exhibitors when they arrive: under the leadership of Nadège and Ronny Totah, the team can provide them with customised turn-key stands, paying particular attention to the lighting to enhance the items on display. Since May the team has offered the services of a high end concierge in the person of Pierre-Paul Monnet, He himself, his pages and porters will take good care of the exhibitors throughout the show and will provide a “Luxury Hotel” touch to the services provided by the event.

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