JEWELLERY DESIGNERS – Pure London spotlights Romanian design


Pure London, a UK Festival of Fashion, has partnered with the Romanian Contemporary Jewellery Association (FRDVA) to showcase 24 Romanian fashion, footwear and jewellery brands including Bizar Concept, Carolina D, CHIC, Nissa, Desire Avenue, Maoro, Concept Nature, Ginette, HAIART, Hamza, Inga Valerie, Fena, Leonard Collection, Les Waves, Mark-Off, Monarh, MYSIMPLICATED, Narru, Diana Cojocaru, Nissa, Paisi, Papucei, Colloris and Stada Boutique.

A trade collective of global fashion designers, brands, buyers, creative minds and inspiring trends, the next edition of Pure London will take place at Olympia London from the 16th-18th July, 2023.

The Romanian fashion scene is bursting with originality. The textile market is one of the most well known in the world due to its high quality craftmanship and this combined with the innovation and inspiration of emerging designers is bringing an international audience to Romanian fashion.

Ligia Stan, President of the Romanian Contemporary Jewellery Association, said, “2015 was the first-year Romanian fashion designers attended international fashion exhibition Pure London… And since then, it has been quite a journey!  The UK market has always been attractive for the Romanian fashion designers who have been exhibiting in Paris, New York, Dubai, Shanghai, Amsterdam and all around the world and it was about time they entered the UK market. The UK market has a steady growth every year, provides consistent revenue and most important once you have managed to form a customer base, they will more than likely become loyal customers. Even since our first exhibition at Pure London we have had success because Romanian designers are very creative, have cutting edge design products, fair prices and consistency and Pure London was the perfect place to show this to the world.”

Representing the diversity of the Romanian fashion industry Pure London will host sustainable luxury fashion brand Hamza with a collection crafted from organic cotton utilizing sustainable production. Chic by Vali Cioban presents a dramatic collection with its roots in costume design for the Opera. The signature of HAIART is an eye-catching jewellery collection made from brightly coloured leather.  Les Waves swimwear is dedicated to surfing, uses mainly recycled materials and is effortlessly cool.  Diana Cojocaru porcelain jewellery is sculptural, inspired by nature and beautifully feminine. Designed and produced in the North-East of Romania, Papucei celebrates the region’s expertise in footwear with high quality shoes steeped in style.

JEWELLERY DESIGNERS – Pure London spotlights Romanian design


Gloria Sandrucci, Event Director at Pure London, said, “I am thrilled that Pure London continue to partner with The Romanian Contemporary Jewellery Association to showcase the creativity and expertise of Romanian design.

“The length of the partnership is testament to the talent and appeal that Romanian designs have in the UK market, and we are confident that July will be another successful show for them and our visiting buyers.”

JEWELLERY DESIGNERS – Pure London spotlights Romanian design