TRADE FAIR REPORT – HOMI Fashion&Jewels is a leading showcase for fashion jewellery designs

By David Brough
MILAN, Italy – HOMI Fashion&Jewels, staged in-person for the first time in more than 18 months, is a vibrant showcase for fashion jewellery trends.
Visitor turnout was high at the September 18-20, 2021 edition of HOMI Fashion&Jewels, signalling a buoyant flow of orders by visiting retailers at one of Europe’s leading fashion jewellery, fashion and accessories trade events.
HOMI Fashion&Jewels
Visitors were mainly from Italy, with around 10 percent from abroad, organisers said. Among exhibitors, around 30 percent were from outside Italy.

The timing of the event, coinciding with other fashion sector trade fairs in Milan, helped to drive footfall into the show, which is organised by Fiera di Milano (Milan Fair.)

The steady business at HOMI Fashion&Jewels underscored a growing trend for fashion retailers to sell jewellery and accessories in-store, as seen, for example, at H&M.

MALU, crystal jewellery handcrafted in Vicenza

MALU, crystal jewellery handcrafted in Vicenza

At the show fashion exhibitors rub shoulders with fashion jewellery suppliers, making it easy for visiting buyers to stock both types of product.

“We are very confident that our fashion-driven exhibitors here will appeal to buyers,” said Exhibition Director Emanuele Guido.

“HOMI Fashion&Jewels delivers the most cutting-edge fashion styles.”

Visitor numbers were high, with strong precautionary measures taken to reduce risks of coronavirus, such as handing out masks to visitors at the entry gate.

HOMI Fashion&Jewels showcases key trends in the fashion and fashion jewellery markets to keep visitors fully aware of what will sell in the seasons ahead.

An exhibition of talismans and amulets in contemporary fashion jewellery, has opened at the current edition of HOMI Fashion&Jewels, reflecting heightened tastes for sentimental and meaningful jewellery during the pandemic.

Amle; La Scio Scio, 2020; necklace

Amle; La Scio Scio, 2020; necklace

Author and professor Alba Cappellieri said the exhibition covers three themes – rites, materials and symbols – and is perfectly timed as in-person trade shows kick off again, with consumer tastes clearly pointing to talismans and amulets due to a greater desire for meaningful gifts owing to the pandemic.

The exhibition features more than 200 jewels, using a variety of materials including red Mediterranean coral and gemstones, inspired by historic motifs, flora and fauna, and other themes.

The HOMI Fashion&Jewels trade fair presented an array of fashion items and accessories interspersed among the jewellery designs.

The show featured prominent displays of red Mediterranean coral and pearl jewellery.

Chunky, brightly coloured necklaces were popular.


Amber and resin jewellery from Eastern Europe was widely available.

Unusual jewellery materials featured too, such as pieces made from glass, wood and recycled plastic.

In the popular New Crafts section, innovation abounded, such as a selection of moulded nylon crosses by CADO’ di Dorina Camusso.

CADO' di Dorina Camusso

CADO’ di Dorina Camusso