TRADE FAIRS – Platinum alloy to debut at JCK Las Vegas


Inoveo Platinum, a new platinum alloy brand established by PGI USA, will formally launch to the jewelry industry at JCK Las Vegas later this month.

Following years of research and development, leading platinum miner Anglo American and materials designer and developer Alloyed, co-developed an alloy formulation that would answer the challenges designers and jewelers previously voiced.

The formulation was strategically created to reflect the workability of white gold, while enhancing all the core properties of platinum, including the metal’s naturally white color, durability, and wear resistance.

TRADE FAIRS – Platinum alloy to debut at JCK Las Vegas

Inoveo Platinum will be exclusively available from Stuller in the US

Picture courtesy of PGI USA Jewelry Inc.

“The launch of Inoveo Platinum provides the jewelry industry with the best of what platinum offers, while also providing the ease of workability that manufacturers and designers have come to expect in production,” said Jenny Luker, PGI USA’s President.

“We believe this is a tipping point for the use of platinum in jewelry manufacturing and look forward to seeing an increase of new platinum offerings in the market in the near future.”

Users of the new alloy can expect to experience benefits including up to four times less porosity and four times higher production yield, with Inoveo Platinum being 40% harder than standard platinum alloys.

In addition, Inoveo Platinum offers casters a smoother, more consistent fill due to its lower melting temperature and high fluidity.

It also allows for faster polishing and setting times, leading to a lower rejection rate compared to standard platinum alloys.

Benny Oeyen, Executive Head of Market Development at Anglo American, said, “We are proud to have shaped the formulation behind Inoveo Platinum, as co-developers with Alloyed. This formulation was developed with the goal of elevating the manufacturing experience for platinum jewelry makers and we are excited to witness the debut of this alloy to the jewelry industry at JCK Las Vegas.”

Inoveo Platinum will be exclusively available to manufacturers, designers, and jewelers from Stuller, beginning this summer.

“Stuller is excited to bring this new platinum alloy to market,” said Belit Myers, Chief Operating Officer of Stuller Inc. “Inoveo Platinum will transform platinum jewelry manufacturing and we are proud to be at the forefront of this innovation in the industry.”

Inoveo Platinum will be featured at Stuller’s JCK exhibit space (Booth #13089) and will have technical experts on hand to answer questions and assist attendees with exploring the possibilities the new alloy provides.