Goldsmiths’ Fair ’10 to present innovative designs


Goldsmiths’ Fair ’10 to present innovative designs

LONDON, July 4, 2010 –  The Goldsmiths’ Fair ‘10, a selling event which will take place from September 27-October 10,  only features designer-makers who work in precious metals which makes it quite unique, says Paul Dyson, Director of Promotions.
Goldsmiths’ Fair is the ultimate one-stop destination for those seeking out jewellery and silver by the most exciting designer-makers in the UK.
This annual event, which is open to the public, buzzes with talent, passion, creativity, innovative design and superlative craftsmanship.
The following is an interview with Paul Dyson, who is directly responsible for the Fair.
Jewellery Outlook: What will make the Goldsmiths’ fair in 2010 special?
Paul Dyson: Every Goldsmiths’ Fair is special as no one is ever the same as the previous year.
This is largely due to the fact that each year there are exciting new makers taking part.
This year 10 particularly talented recent graduates have been given free stands at the Fair by the Goldsmiths’ Company to help launch their careers, 5 jewellers and 5 silversmiths, in addition to 17 new designer-makers who will be exhibiting over the two weeks.

Jewellery Outlook: What are the unique features of the fair?

Paul Dyson: There is no other Fair like it in terms of size, prestige and stature anywhere in Europe.
The Fair only features designer-makers who work in precious metals which makes it quite unique.
The fact that it takes place in the gilded splendour of Goldsmiths’ Hall also adds to its appeal.

Jewellery Outlook: Are you seeking international participation in the fair?

Paul Dyson:International participation comes from the number of foreign designer-makers who work and live in the UK who exhibit at the Fair.
It is the high standard and quality of teaching at the UK’s jewellery and silversmithing colleges that attracts so many foreign students in these crafts.
Many of them then choose to stay on after their studies and work in the UK as there is a culture of appreciation and freedom which allows them to be spontaneous and to develop their skills and creativity in new directions.
Some 28 exhibitors at the Fair fit into this category.
In addition a considerable numbers of overseas visitors regularly attend the Fair each year which adds to the international flavour of the event.