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inhorgenta award recognises innovation

December 12, 2010 – Munich jewellery trade fair inhorgenta has announced an international award to recognise innovation in the industry.
inhorgenta Europe 2010
inhorgenta europe 2010
“All industry representatives – from jewellery manufactures and designers, gemstone cutters, packaging suppliers and watch manufacturers, to production technology suppliers – no matter whether they exhibit at inhorgenta or not – are invited to enter this international competition,” inhorgenta said in a statement.
The inhorgenta award consists of a total of nine categories: Carat, Contemporary Design, Lifestyle Brands, Selection, Timepieces, Tableware, Technology, Special, and Lifetime Achievement.
Eligible pieces include gemstone jewellery, avant-garde designs, brand products, silver objects and silverware, watches, tooling, and pearl jewellery.
The category Lifetime Achievement honours personalities who have shown extraordinary involvement in the industry.
An international jury consisting of designers, journalists and academics will choose and evaluate the submitted products and projects in a two-step selection process.
Jury members include Ricardo Domingo Nicolàs, Designer; Andi Gut, Professor at Pforzheim University; Sophie Hanagarth, Ecole Superieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg; Paul Henderson, Wave Contemporary Jewellery; David Huycke, Atelier Huycke GCV; Alexander Marguier, Deputy Chief Editor Cicero; and Jochen Pohl, Jochen Pohl GmbH.
The prize purse totals 15,000 euros distributed to the winners in the form of a credit towards an exhibit booth at inhorgenta 2012.
Eligible Participants:
inhorgenta 2011 exhibitors and non-exhibitors
Categories (and related products):
Carat (gemstone objects, jewellery, cuts)
Contemporary Design (modern to avant-garde design)
Lifestyle Brands (products focusing on brand and design)
Selection (high-end jewellery, 2,500 euros and up)
Tableware (silver objects and silverware)
Technology (tool shop equipment, tools, machinery, and displays)
Timepieces (all varieties of time pieces)
Special (innovative products not allocable to any other category)
Lifetime Achievement (in recognition of lifetime achievement)
Ricardo Domingo Nicolás, RICARDOMINGO
Andi Gut, Pforzheim University
Sophie Hanagarth, Ecole Superieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg
Paul Henderson, Wave Contemporary Jewellery
David Huycke, Atelier Huycke GCV
Alexander Marguier, Deputy Chief Editor Cicero
Jochen Pohl, Jochen Pohl GmbH
Selection Criteria:
Innovation, Design, Aesthetic Quality, Functionality, Modern Realization.
Each entrant may submit a maximum of three products to the awards competition.
Entries must be uploaded by January 12, 2011 at

Selection Process:
Three finalists per category will be announced at
Award Ceremony:
The inhorgenta award presentation will be held during inhorgenta 2011 on Friday, February 25, 2011 at 5 pm, at the Castle Restaurant in hall B1.