TJF to launch Trendbook 2012+


TJF to launch Trendbook 2012+

TJF Trendbook 2012
Sept 2, 2010 – Italy-based consultancy TJF will launch its Trendbook 2012+ in September with the collaboration of famous industry names such as UK jeweller Stephen Webster, Creative Director of Garrard Ltd, and Lorenz Bäumer, Paris-based jeweller and Art Director of Louis Vuitton Fine Jewellery.

Other collaborators include Franco Cologni, President of the “Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie”(The Fine Watches Foundation); Franco Cologni, President of the “Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie”(The Fine Watches Foundation), and Nicolas Bos, Vice President and Creative Director of Van Cleef & Arpels.

The Trendbook is supported by Vicenza Fair for the fourth consecutive year.
TJF is an independent company, based in Arezzo, Italy, involved in research and strategic consulting in the fields of jewellery and crossover luxury that was started in 2002 as a project by Paola De Luca and the UK publishing group, CRU Publishing.

TJF Trendbook is published about 18 months ahead of the seasons and is a dynamic project which will spread over the various editions of the Vicenza Fair with frequent updates and comparisons with the market.

TJF Trendbook 2012 + will be presented with a new format, inside a luxurious box.
The book captures the present and future market: the first part Panorama, documents current sources of inspiration, designs and silhouettes, and the second part Forecast, outlines possible concepts for the 2012 seasons.

These include: consumer files, sources of inspiration, sub trends, designs, colours and materials.
TJF Trendbook 2012
The themes of the megatrends of TJF Trendbook 2012 that will be premiered at the Vicenza Fair in September are:
• LESS-ESSENTIAL: Clarity, I am Nature, Eco-Crusader
•    MEMORIE: Burlesque, Nostalgic Eye, Localized
•    DREAMSCAPING: Carousel, Jumpers, Atlantis
•    FUN SPOKE: Messaging, Geo-matrix, Sports Couture

In addition to the launch of the trend book, TJF Group will also present two seminars at this year’s International Jewellery London (IJL).

These seminars will focus on “Buyers Directions” which will give an update of Seasons 2011 and give a snap shot preview 2012+ as well as a Forecast session on the Mega trends that will be coming through in 2012.
Both seminars will be presented by Paola Deluca.