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Vicenza Fair outlines marketing initiatives into 2010

October 18, 2009 – Cristina Salvi, head of international marketing at the Vicenza Fair, tells Jewellery Outlook about a packed programme of events into 2010 to promote the Italian gold and silver jewellery sector.
Fiera di Vicenza
Cristina Salvi, Vicenza Fair,  Jewllery News
Q: The general manager of Vicenza Fair, Domenico Girardi, announced at the “Choice” edition of the fair in September that About J will be held in Venice in May 2010. What are your plans for About J in 2010? Where will it be held, what will be its focus and who will be coming? Will About J 2010 take place immediately before the “Charm” edition of Vicenza Fair?
A: In its first two editions in 2008 and 2009, About J turned out to be a strong and effective opportunity for the international jewellery community to spend three days in a business and leisure environment.
This unique event format makes About J the place to be in 2010, where 250 top jewellery retailers from all over the world, thanks to a full-board hospitality programme, will have the chance to meet only 70 selected jewellery manufacturers.
We decided to move this event to Venice in 2010 (from Milan in 2009), not only because this extraordinary city represents the glamour of Italian style and history, but also because About J will become a strategic partner of VicenzaOro “Charm”, bringing to Venice and then to Vicenza both international and domestic high-end jewellery retailers.
Fiera di Vicenza
Cristina Salvi, Vicenza Fair,  Jewllery News
Q: Will you be updating the About J 2010 website soon?
A: Yes, there will be an updated web site soon. We want it to be an important tool to get the About J community connected and informed about the details of the show.
Q: Tell us about the Columbus celebrations in New York . What is the focus?
A: The Columbus celebrations are a significant holiday for the Italian-American community and underscore people’s pride in their culture and history. For all Italians living in the United States it’s a special moment to share and preserve a vibrant heritage, and to pay tribute to the brave Italian explorers who many years ago left their homeland and their families to courageously find a new life and opportunities.
This year’s celebration highlighted a special exhibition in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall in New York City , focusing on the Veneto region. Thousands of visitors, passing by every day, from October 5th to 17th, had the chance to explore Veneto ’s industry, beauty and customs, and its contributions to Italian and American culture.
This part of northern Italy is a region known for its spectacular landscape, abundant natural resources and richly inspired art and history.
Fiera di Vicenza
Cristina Salvi, Vicenza Fair,  Jewllery News
Q: The Italian trade will be staging an event in Japan with the Italian Fashion Chamber over the Christmas period. What is the purpose of the event and who will be there?
A: At Vicenza Fair we believe in the strategic partnership with the Italian Fashion Chamber. It’s an extraordinary collaboration that we think could potentially offer new opportunities to promote “Made in Italy ” products all over the world.
Next December, the Vicenza Fair and the Italian Fashion Chamber will be displaying the excellence of Italian fashion and jewellery design. A group of talented and famous artists will be the protagonists of “Divina!”, a 400 square metre exhibition at Takashimaya Department Stores in Tokyo , celebrating the opera star Maria Callas and interpreting her enchanting style.
Q: What are your plans for the Italian Pavilion at JCK Las Vegas?
A: For 2010, the big news is that the Italian Pavilion will welcome international buyers at the entrance of the Sands Convention and Exhibition Center . We are convinced that this new prime location is once again proof of the leading role of Italian design as a trend setter for the whole industry, and we are sure the 150 companies, showcasing the finest Italian quality, will superbly represent Italian style.
Fiera di Vicenza
Cristina Salvi, Vicenza Fair,  Jewllery News
Q: Will the Glam Room be a feature of the three editions of Vicenza Fair in 2010?
A: The Glam Room is a project that we are all very proud of. The original concept was to create a dedicated area to host custom and fashion jewellery, as part of a defined strategy of the Vicenza Fair to offer opportunities to different segments of jewellery production.
This turned out to be an informal and very attractive pavilion, where top international retailers can find stylish and easy-to-wear products to complement the stock available in their stores.
At its fourth showing, I think we can say that the Glam Room will offer to all buyers fresh and enticing pieces, but most of all it’s a unique platform to observe new design talent.