TRENDS – Future Trends at Milano Fashion&Jewels


Milano Fashion&Jewels returns to showcase the excellence of jewellery and fashion accessories. The upcoming edition of the event, taking place at Fieramilano (Rho) from Sunday, February 18th, to Wednesday, February 21st, reaffirms its position as a premier platform for the sector. It showcases the latest industry innovations through a broad, increasingly international array, aiming to provide trade professionals a glimpse into future products and trends.

TRENDS – Future Trends at Milano Fashion&Jewels

The fashion accessories, clothing, and jewellery event revitalises its presentation with fresh spaces and innovative concepts. Its ongoing collaboration with Poli.Design continues, enhancing the schedule with a wider array of training sessions and fashion shows.

The event exhibits the unique offerings of Italian and foreign renowned brands alongside young startups and designers. They will unveil their collections of fashion accessories and jewellery for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 season, while also featuring some Fall/Winter 2024 previews.
In the upcoming edition, the event renews its partnership with Poli.Design. This collaboration aims to showcase current and future trends through two dedicated spaces focusing on research and innovative visions that transcend national boundaries. One of these spaces is Visionaires, envisioned as an exhibition within the event—a platform curating ideas, insights, and reflections that spotlight the most innovative concepts related to themes explored and surfaced during the September 2023 edition.

On the flip side, Design Direction, through its multimedia journey, endeavours to serve as a genuine lens, unveiling and exploring the upcoming trends and inspirations in jewellery and fashion accessories for the next two years. This exploration is facilitated by investigating the two most recent macro-trends identified in the industry. Mix-up sparks an irresistible urge to delve into landscapes, places, and objects that exude captivating ambiguity. It achieves this by employing seemingly conventional yet ethically sourced materials. Meanwhile, Senses delves deeper into the profound interpretations of emotions, understanding human perception through the lens of both body and mind.

There will also be two premiers in February. The first aspect involves the establishment of a sustainability information desk by Cna Federmoda. This desk will provide a platform for discussions with experts regarding the new regulations centred on the separate collection of textile products, aiming to foster a sustainable and circular

textile industry. A critical concern for the fashion community is the increasing emphasis on consumers seeking environmentally friendly products that prioritise the well-being of the planet’s future.

The second aspect involves the introduction of the Beauty&Lifestyle area, a fresh experiential segment focused on “beauty accessories” that function as genuine beauty “devices”, designed and presented as genuine fashion accessories. It is a seamless fusion of fashion and beauty, stemming from the intrinsic harmony between these sectors, which share creativity and a keen eye for seasonal trends.  A liaison that also becames increasingly direct, with the aim of creating exclusive and complete total looks.

The event also affirms an extensive schedule of discussions, workshops, and forums, serving as a valuable platform for growth and collaboration within the community. In order to comprehend the shifts in today’s market, the event has introduced various topics addressing the evolving landscapes of direct selling and the potential of online platforms. Certainly, the opening discussion with retailers is a must-attend, initiating the dialogue for updates and education. Among the notable sessions, don’t miss those focused on social network dynamics, especially TikTok, discussions on the Creator Economy and UGC Content, and the analysis of Visual Social Merchandising.  To offer insights into the intersection of contemporary fashion, in this edition Milano Fashion&Jewels features a discussion partnered with Elle Italia. This talk will unveil the trends defining the upcoming spring-summer 2024 season. Additionally, with the aid of models, it will demonstrate how to pair jewellery and fashion accessories of the season with a curated selection of brands showcased at the fair. Additionally, special photo shoots and fashion shows, which have become distinctive features of the event, have been reaffirmed. Exhibitors consider these elements crucial for enhancing their visibility and guiding their future purchasing decisions.