Black is Back, trends expert says at INHORGENTA MUNICH


Black is Back, trends expert says at INHORGENTA MUNICH

MUNICH, Germany, February 12, 2012 – Black is back among the latest seasonal trends in jewellery design, trends expert Irmie Schuch-Schamburek said at trade fair INHORGENTA MUNICH.
“In jewellery, black is coming to the fore,” she told a seminar at INHORGENTA MUNICH, which runs from February 10-13.
“Black jewellery looks good in combination with pastel clothing,” she said.
“At the fair, we have seen many jewels showing black-and-white,” she added.
“I have also come across many white collections.”
Black is Back, trends expert says at INHORGENTA MUNICH

 Jewellery style trends expert Irmie Schuch-Schamburek gives a seminar at INHORGENTA MUNICH on February 12, 2012
Other favourite colours tend to be understated ones such as biscuit, caramel, rose and brown.
Schuch-Schamburek identified other seasonal trends, which stretch from fashion to jewellery and other luxury goods, such as a taste for subtle luxury, an appreciation of Nature and the art of handicraft, and the use of unusual materials such as leather and textiles, and new technologies combining metals.
She predicted a very colourful season in jewellery and fashion in 2012.
“This summer will see warm, coloured shades which will go very well with fancy stones,” she said.
Schuch-Schamburek said animals would remain a common theme of jewellery design, sometimes with a mystical tone.
Jewellery designers are working with innovative shapes, for example, moonstones in extravagant cuts, she added.
In a statement, INHORGENTA MUNICH said that in focus at this trade show was a sports-style retro and vintage look with bold, clear lines.
“In watches, extra-large dials and luxurious models in ceramic are very popular,” it said.
“And in jewellery, too, the trend is towards big design.”
Rose gold in combination with stainless steel and stones is setting the tone in materials this year, INHORGENTA MUNICH said.


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