Turkish jewellery manufacturers can adapt to requirements of UK market


BLOG: Turkish jewellery manufacturers can adapt to requirements of UK market

By David Brough

ISTANBUL, Turkey, October 16, 2016 – Turkey’s jewellery manufacturers, who now figure among the world’s leading producers and exporters, can adapt their production runs to meet the requirements of the UK trade, exporters say.
Turkish jewellery manufacturers can adapt to requirements of UK market Jewellery & Watch Event Manager Kirsty Broere meets with Turkey’s Gold Book magazine, and Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough, at the Istanbul Jewelry Show, October 15, 2016 Turkey’s manufacturers typically use 14-, 18- and 22-carat gold, but exporters say that production runs can be configured to fit the UK market for predominantly 9- and 18-carat gold jewellery.

Turkish jewellery manufacturers are looking to break into stable markets like the UK and Germany, because their main export destination, the Middle East, has been hit by political turmoil.

Turkish jewellery sales to the Middle East are down around 15 percent in value terms this year, due to the impact of the failed coup attempt in Turkey in July, and civil strife in Syria.

That creates an opportunity for UK trade shows like Jewellery & Watch, which takes place from the first Sunday of February every year in Birmingham, to embrace Turkish exhibitors.

Jewellery & Watch Event Manager Kirsty Broere led a small delegation to the Istanbul show to drum up interest among Turkish exporters, who will need convincing that they have a ready market in the UK.

A stronger flow of communications needs to take place between the Turkish and UK jewellery trades, to convince participants on each side that the opportunities are there.

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While Jewellery & Watch woos Turkish exporting manufacturers, the Turkish trade is likely to spearhead renewed efforts to attract UK buyers to the biannual Istanbul shows in March and October.

The Istanbul Jewelry Show is a showcase for a rich variety in gold and silver jewellery, pearl jewellery, gemstones, the latest technology in equipment and tools, and jewellery packaging materials.