UK’s Houlden Group confirms events for 2021


The Houlden Group have confirmed the dates of both their Summer Networking Event and Members and Suppliers Meeting – Tuesday June 22 and September 2-3.

The Summer Networking Event date on June 22, 2021, in the Midlands follows immediately after the Government is due to lift restrictions on June 21. Aware, however, that many Members will still not be able to travel then due to either regional travel restrictions in place or personal shielding, the event this year is planned as an informal ‘get together’.

The location chosen will help minimise travel distances and the occasion is designed for Members to share their COVID “war stories” and lessons learnt, discuss industry strategies to respond to the changing consumer marketplace, and network in-person.

The Members and Suppliers Meeting is planned to take place on September 2-3, with the caveat that this might need to change due to external circumstances. The location is within a few hours of the City of London and is easily reached by road and readily available via public transport. The format will open with a morning Members Meeting, followed by the Suppliers Exhibition starting after lunch and continuing the following day through to a 5pm close – with non-Members actively encouraged to apply to attend. There will be a networking dinner for the Houlden extended community to reconnect on the evening of September 2.

Helen Haddow, Chief Executive of Houlden, said:  “This year there have been a number of factors that we have had to consider when choosing dates for the Autumn meeting. These include waiting until everyone has had the chance to be fully vaccinated and our Irish members being able to travel – as well as, of course, other events taking place in the industry calendar. Our venue is in easy reach of the City of London and convenient for our community of Jewellers of Excellence to access. It’s been an unprecedented year and we will of course be flexible if any delays occur on timings.”

UK’s Houlden Group confirms events for 2021

Archive image: Houlden London 2020