Understanding Jewellery announces “Hidden Treasures”: An exciting new initiative from co-founders David Bennett and Daniela Mascetti

  • David and Daniela combine their unparalleled expertise and knowledge with their independent voice to offer a brand new service, unique to the internet, on the Understanding Jewellery website 
  • ‘Hidden Treasures’ will feature David and Daniela’s personal and independent selection of some of the world’s finest jewels and gemstones available in the current international market 
  • Each piece will be presented with multiple and comparable images and videos, alongside David and Daniela’s insightful and thoughtful commentary 
  • ‘Hidden Treasures’ launches with jewels and gemstones from London, Geneva and New York with other global centres to be added soonJewellery


David Bennett and Daniela Mascetti launched their website Understanding Jewellery in July 2021, building on their combined eighty-six years’ experience of handling the rarest and most significant jewels and gemstones in existence today, through their roles as former Worldwide Chairman and former European Chairman of Sotheby’s Jewellery Division.

David and Daniela are the co-authors of the key reference book, also titled Understanding Jewellery, constantly in print since it was published in 1989 and translated into several languages. The work is widely known and regarded by collectors, connoisseurs and specialists in the field as the ‘jewellery bible’.

Their most recent work, Understanding Jewellery The 20th Century, was published to widespread acclaim in late 2021. In this new book, and with the benefit of a few years’ distance from events, David and Daniela take a closer look at developments in jewellery design and innovation across the last century. They are currently working on Understanding Jewellery The Nineteenth Century, to be released in late 2022.

David and Daniela have long recognised that many exceptional jewels and gemstones are literally hidden from view, off main thoroughfares and only accessible to those ‘in the know’. ‘Hidden Treasures’ is their own selection of the best pieces on offer throughout the world. These might not always be the most expensive jewels, rather, David and Daniela are guided by originality, distinctive designs and un-missable items for individuals creating or adding to a collection – no matter how small or new it might be. Crucially, David and Daniela will have inspected every piece showcased on the ‘Hidden Treasures’ pages, and their endorsements will be based on their first hand experience of the jewel or gemstone.   Jewellery

Commenting on their new initiative, David and Daniela said, ‘We are delighted to present Hidden Treasures – we’ve sourced, examined and appraised an exciting group of jewels and gemstones currently available in the international market. We recognise that in our increasingly online and digital age jewellery lovers and collectors seek an unbiased, independent opinion to guide them through the wide range of jewels on offer across the globe. We’ve seen so many wonderful pieces and we look forward to sharing these with our existing and new clients’.