UNI and EZcalc announce first White Diamond Tender, featuring selection of extraordinarily valued polished stones

With the end-of-year holiday shopping season now under way, UNI and EZcalc have announced their inaugural White Diamond Tender, which will take place December 10 to 14, 2020, and following that become a regular weekly event. On offer will be hand-selected, high-quality polished diamonds of unusual value, exclusively being made available for the sale.
“White Diamond Tenders are going to be a regular feature of our sales calendar, with the goal each weekend being to offer a selection of goods that under normal circumstances would be difficult to find in one place at the same time,” said Mahiar Borhanjoo, UNI’s CEO.
“For the premiere White Diamond Tender, we decided to go the extra mile, and have managed to put together an offering of stones with extraordinarily advantageous evaluations. And there are no reserve prices. The highest offer, be it above or below the evaluation for any of the stones, could win the tender.”
Bidding will begin on Thursday, December 10, 2020, at 9:00 AM GMT (4:00 AM New York, 10:00 AM Belgium, 11:00 AM Israel, 1:00 PM UAE, 2:30 PM India, 5:00 PM Hong Kong). It will close on Monday December 14, 2020 at 11 AM GMT (6:00 AM New York, 12:00 PM Belgium, 1:00 PM Israel, 3:00 PM UAE, 4:30 PM India, 7:00 PM Hong Kong). Online viewing and bidding can be done using the EZcalc app and the UNI platform or app.
Participation is open to bona fide members of the trade, following registration at www.uni.diamonds and completion of UNI’s Know Your Customer (KYC) online form, for which supporting documentation is required.
All winning bidders will be notified 24 hours after the close of the tender, and the diamonds will be shipped to them via Malca-Amit, UNI’s logistics partner. All shipping and insurance costs are included in the price paid for the diamond.UNI & EZcalc White Diamond Tender