UPCOMING INSTA LIVE – Dealer Marcelo Bernardes unveils extraordinary gemstones listed on Gembridge


Tune in to an Insta Live @jewelleryoutlook in which Brazilian dealer Marcelo Bernardes will discuss some extraordinary coloured gemstones listed by @mbernardesgems on digital trading platform Gembridge.

Marcelo will talk about  an exceptional, unheated 10.85-carat orangish-pink imperial topaz, with an especially vibrant brilliance, a 7.16-ct Paraiba from Mozambique, and a 78.40-carat pink kunzite, among other rare and beautiful gemstones.

The Insta Live will start at 2 pm London (3 pm Paris, 6.30 pm Mumbai) on Thursday, July 22, 2021.Gembridge - Insta live