UPCOMING INSTA LIVE – Gembridge Ambassador Manuela Soares presents Brazilian gemstones


Tune in to an Insta Live @jewelleryoutlook at 4 pm UK time (11 am New York, midday Sao Paulo, 8.30 pm Mumbai) on Friday October 8, 2021, in which Gembridge Ambassador and dealer Manuela Soares of ArtOuro & Gemas will speak about the huge variety of Brazilian coloured gemstones and will reveal highlighted Gembridge listings.

Gembridge is a digital trading platform for trading in coloured gemstones.

Manuela will speak with Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough about the marketing of exceptional Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines and emeralds, and other stones; the digital transformation of coloured gemstone trading, and the domestic and export markets for Brazilian gemstones.

She will also talk about the importance of responsibly managed supply chains, and coloured gemstone trends in jewellery.

Insta Live - Brazilian Gemstones