UPCOMING INSTA LIVE – Gembridge presents extraordinary 23.94-carat “Royal Blue” Madagascan Sapphire


Gembridge Chairman Tony Brooke will present an extraordinary 23.94-carat “Royal Blue” Madagascan Sapphire, a top listing on the new digital trading platform, in an Insta Live conversation on @jewelleryoutlook on Friday December 11.

Gembridge Chairman Tony Brooke
Gembridge Chairman Tony Brooke

“This wonderful Madagascan sapphire was cut from a 50-carat piece of rough, mined in the famed Ilakaka region in the south of the island. The mining areas are presently closed, so this piece is particularly rare at this time, particularly given its royal blue colour, clean crystal and excellent oval cut,” Tony said.


“It attracted a lot of interest in the rough, and a bidding war took place in Sri Lanka where eventually Lewis Allen, the owner of Crown Color, was able to purchase the piece with a partner and have it cut in Sri Lanka,” Tony added.

“The stone realized a final weight of 23.94 carats to assure its perfect shape and clarity, whereas the other potential buyers had been anticipating a 30-carat stone — such are the vagaries of the sapphire rough trading business.”

Tony will present the sapphire, supplied by Crown Color and now for sale as lot 109 on the Gembridge digital platform, in an Instagram Live conversation @jewelleryoutlook with Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough starting at 7 am UK time (8 am Paris, 14:00 hours Bangkok) on Friday December 11.

Sapphire’s Certificates:

GRS sapphire certificate

sapphire certificate