UPCOMING INSTA LIVE – Gembridge unveils spectacular 143.33-ct colour change garnet


Gembridge Chairman Tony Brooke will present a spectacular, ultra-rare 143.33-ct Tanzanian colour change garnet, a top listing on the new digital trading platform, in an Insta Live conversation on @jewelleryoutlook on Friday December 4.

Tony Brooke
Tony Brooke

“Described by the SSEF lab as ‘one of nature’s true treasures’, this 143.33-carat colour change garnet from Tanzania is exceptional in both size and quality,” Tony said.

“Hewn from the 250-carat rough — the largest in the  history of the Tanzanian mine where it was uncovered — the cushion-shaped, brilliant-step cut exhibits a distinct change from brownish green, in daylight, to rich red, under incandescent light,” Tony added.

“Untreated and transparent, a top-quality garnet like this – displaying both Usambara and Alexandrite effects — is extremely rare.

“Eye-clean, this garnet exhibits only one discreet feather and, under the microscope, an exquisitely formed fingerprint pattern.

“Possessing extraordinary characteristics — the kind more usually showcased in museums — a gemstone of such beauty and scarcity is truly a wonder to behold.”

Tony will present the garnet, supplied by Bangkok-based Gem Dreams and now for sale as lot 005 on the Gembridge digital platform, in an Instagram Live conversation @jewelleryoutlook with Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough starting at 10am UK time (11 am Paris, 15:30 hours Mumbai) on Friday December 4.