UPCOMING INSTA LIVE – KGK Gems reveal extraordinary tanzanite listings on Gembridge


Don’t miss an Insta Live @jewelleryoutlook in which Prashant Kothari, CEO of Jaipur-based KGK Gems @kgk.gems will unveil some extraordinary tanzanites listed on the @gembridge_official coloured gemstone trading platform, including a pair of intense blue stones weighing a total of 26.0 carats considered as collectors’ items.

Prashant will reveal a pair of exceptional tanzanites totalling 61.0 carats and a set weighing 105.0 carats, among the best in KGK Gems’ inventory, which are also listed on @gembridge_official

Tune in at 2 pm London (3 pm Paris, 6.30 pm Mumbai) on Thursday, July 29, 2021.

KGK Gems - Insta Live