VICENZAORO January to showcase jewellery design trends


VICENZAORO January to showcase jewellery design trends

VICENZA, Italy, January 2019 – The Design Room and the Glamroom at VICENZAORO January, taking place from 18-23 January 2019, are starting-points for visitors wishing to spot cutting-edge jewellery design trends for 2019 and beyond, Marco Carniello, Group Brand Director Jewellery and Fashion, tells David Brough.

Marco, why is VICENZAORO January a “must-attend” event for buyers and retailers?

Marco Carniello: There are several reasons why, every year, VICENZAORO confirms itself as a must-attend event for buyers and retailers. One of these is certainly its format as a real boutique, hence the “jewellery boutique show”, which we have designed and developed in such a way that every stand, showcase, corridor, room is carefully set and filled to provide inspirations to both buyers and retailers. But that’s not all, VICENZAORO stands out as the perfect stage and place to be for jewellery industry protagonists, also for the commitment and efforts we put in so that buyers can meet exhibitors in a practical way,  considering their huge presence, without wasting time in finding the right opportunity.
VICENZAORO January to showcase jewellery design trends
Marco Carniello

What will be the special new features of the show?

Marco Carniello: As per tradition, each edition is characterized by its special new features. On the one hand, what makes the show really special every year are the collections, new design and masterpieces presented by our exhibitors. On the other hand, for this January edition, the show and the city of Vicenza itself will host many interesting events focused on the theme “sustainable creativity”. We care very much for the visitor’s experience of our guests to be something truly inclusive, which goes beyond the boundaries of the show, where we already feel a lot of enthusiasm and energy among our brands. Indeed, we will welcome all the visitors with a series of initiatives, including the VIOFF Golden Wood, a three-day event between the streets and the buildings of the historic centre, but also boutiques open late in the night and free entrance to museums.


Will VicenzaOro January be a showcase for jewellery design trends? What events are scheduled to highlight design trends for 2019 and beyond?

Marco Carniello: Surely it will be. I think that visitors will find The Design Room and the Glamroom a good starting point from where to discover the new trends in jewellery. Although, in general, the entire show will be an opportunity for all exhibitors to unveil through their creations those that are already real trends and those that instead have all the qualities and potential to become so. As for the events, they will all certainly be of great impact and will provide useful insights, but I would strongly suggest that visitors should attend the VISIO.NEXT summit — the round table which will bring together international experts, including top influencers, companies and operators of the industry, to discuss product innovation, consumption patterns and market trends destined to leave their mark and as usual, the TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting, our independent observatory curated by Paola De Luca, our well recognized jewellery forecaster.
VICENZAORO January to showcase jewellery design trends
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What aspects of the show are you expanding this year?

Marco Carniello: Compared to previous editions, this year each of our six communities will appear expanded or evolved, starting from the “Essence” community — which will include many new exhibitors of coloured gemstones — to a bigger area – the “Expression” community, dedicated to players as companies and experts who deal with visual merchandising and packaging for gold and jewellery products.


Are exhibitor bookings up year-on-year and, if so, why?

Marco Carniello: We are optimizing the spaces available, which are unfortunately limited, both to better accommodate the current Top Brands with whom we have signed multi-annual / long-term agreements, and to accommodate new exhibitors beside them. But, even if the re-confirmations and new entries encompass, in general, all of our six communities, I think it’s important to underline that for us the growth of VICENZAORO is about more content and not about more square meters. I think this is one of the aspects that visitors and exhibitors recognize and appreciate the most and probably why, at the end of the day, VICENZAORO keeps growing.
VICENZAORO January to showcase jewellery design trends
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