VICENZAORO September showcased jewellery trends beyond 2020


VICENZAORO September showcased jewellery trends beyond 2020

By David Brough

VICENZA, Italy, September 25, 2018 – The September edition of VICENZAORO (Sept. 22-26, 2018) showcases the latest jewellery trends for visiting retail buyers from around the world, and launched the Trend Book 2020+ to help inform commercial decisions on  future best-selling designs.

Collections with a classic design, incorporating highly skilled craftsmanship, accompanied by contemporary and avant-garde style, and further enriched with highly valuable materials and stones, featured in the so-called ICON district at the well-attended show.

Alongside top brands such as Roberto Coin, Pasquale Bruni, Annamaria Cammilli, Fope e Antonini, many Italian and international companies and designers exhibited at VICENZAORO to show off their new and original collections, in line with the latest trends and the market: from Autore Group’s South Sea pearl creations to colourful gemstone jewellery from Picchiotti, to the collections by Damiani, including the Bliss and Salvini brands. VICENZAORO September showcased jewellery trends beyond 2020

Tamara Comolli presented its casual luxury collections in the ICON area.

Designer Roberto Demeglio put into play the best of his production, a unique display of modernism and tradition, artistic craftsmanship and technological innovation.


The September edition of VICENZAORO launched its Trend Book 2020+, projecting a sea change in global jewellery design trends and echoing the rapid shifts in society, art and design of a century ago.

Jewellery design trends reflect changes in global society, and the latest technological advances will impact on trends in 2020 and beyond.

Asymmetry, consumers’ insistence on more personalisation, and reinterpretations of themes such as Art Deco, spirituality and nature, will come to the fore. The worlds of fashion and jewellery will come closer together.

“The next few years will echo the first two decades of the 1900s in terms of the pace of change across art, design, cars and cinematography,” jewellery trends analyst Paola De Luca told a trade seminar to launch the Trend Book 2020+.

“The beginning of the last century was very similar to today.”
VICENZAORO September showcased jewellery trends beyond 2020 De Luca, who leads Vicenza Fair’s TRENDVISION, which researched and published the Trend Book, said the echoes from a century ago will influence design inspiration, with a vigorous focus on imagery in the era of Instagram.

Vicenza Fair’s Trend Book is used by researchers, market analysts and brands to help guide choices about the best-selling commercial jewellery designs.

Asymmetry will be a major theme, notably in earrings, in 2020 and beyond.

“Complex, interesting, uncommon looks – still beautiful, but not too perfect, blurring the lines of luxury,” De Luca told a packed room full of designers, such as Italy’s Alessio Boschi, as well as retailers and media from around the world.

Personalisation will be another major theme, with new jewellery collections often made up of unique pieces.

Designs will blend influences from different cultures, as people travel more, becoming “multi-local”.


New technologies and digital culture will trigger more connected designs and self-expression — arrays of links in chains, greater use of nano-technology, layering, and mixing and matching of materials.

A celebration of imperfection, and a reinterpretation of classic beauty, are reflected in the projected appeal of green gemstones hinting at nature: inclusions and rough, organic stones will be much sought after.

Pearl jewellery designs will be popular for both women and men, with a contemporary twist — no longer just strings of perfect identical beads like Grandma wears.

Art Deco features from a century ago, including Chinese influences, will be reinterpreted, with the black-and-white shades of the 1920 and 1930s, and materials such as Bakelite, making a comeback.

Nature will be re-coded too, with insects popular but no longer seen as attractive representations.

“Bugs will be less pretty, and dangerous. The new bug has an edge, and is not cute – for example, it’s not really a bug, it’s a robot,” De Luca said, referring to the recent popularity of robots on the catwalk.

Demand for men’s jewellery will rise, increasingly becoming a sign of social status as it has been in Chinese and Indian culture.

“Precious materials will be worn across the sexes: men will wear diamonds – black, brown and white diamonds,” De Luca said.

“Men will increasingly wear one diamond in their wedding band.”

The Trend Book 2020+ can be purchased via this link:
VICENZAORO September showcased jewellery trends beyond 2020