VicenzaOro to stage rich variety of events and seminars


VicenzaOro to stage rich variety of events and seminars

VicenzaOro January (17-22 January), the first major jewellery trade fair on the annual calendar, which will showcase the newest jewellery design trends for 2020, will present a series of events and seminars, including a high-profile seminar on the Future of Diamonds, says Marco Carniello, Group Brand Director, Jewellery & Fashion.

Q. Will VicenzaOro have any standout new exhibitors?

Marco Carniello: VicenzaOro is the first international event for jewellery professionals in the year and it has always been the “trend setter” for the industry, showcasing all new collections and designs as well as new technologies and innovation.

VicenzaOro to stage rich variety of events and seminars

Marco Carniello

This amazing richness of “news” comes from an incredible variety of exhibitors grouped in our very well-known communities and projects, from ICON to ESSENCE, from GLAMROOM to DESIGN ROOM.

Those exhibitors choose VicenzaOro to launch all new lines, services and innovations and this is one of the reasons making the Show unmissable.

I would not mention standout new exhibitors (we actually do have many of them), but I would rather say that this edition will be extraordinary thanks to many new companies and to all companies that are growing with VicenzaOro and any time they are stronger and more interesting for our visitors.

Q. What will be the highlights of the seminar and talks programmes? Do you have high expectations for the Future of Diamonds panel and the Future of Jewellery presentation?

Marco Carniello: We will have about 40 events… this is probably the highest number ever reached. All of them come from a specific need of the industry and all of them “serve” the industry for a purpose.

Our top events will be the CIBJO Seminar about sustainability and SMEs, Visio.Next: Future of Jewellery and the TV Talk: Future of Diamonds.

All of them cover very hot topics for our sector and they involve top speakers from around the world.

On top of that we will have the Digital Talks, mainly dedicated to independent retailers, the Gem Talks and many interesting events dedicated to vintage watches and Jewellery – those will be linked to our new VO VINTAGE show.

Q. What types of new technologies will T. Gold showcase in January? How valuable a segment is T. Gold to the VicenzaOro show?

Marco Carniello: T. Gold is growing in number of exhibitors and in contents. Technologies and machineries are at the start of the supply chain and we believe that they perfectly complete the Jewellery event at VicenzaOro.

VicenzaOro to stage rich variety of events and seminars

This is why we focus so much on T. Gold. We will see interesting news in all segments, from mechanical machinings, grindings, laser cut to assembly and welding, from refining and recovery of production waste to digital prototyping and production.

And probably looking at digital prototyping new technologies we’ll be very surprised…

Q. What are the StartUp and Carats projects?

Marco Carniello: As VicenzaOro is an innovation platform for the entire industry, we decided to promote innovation also through Startups and their products and services.

Startups usually do not have the resources to be present at fairs. So we have invited eight of them and we are organizing events around them, together with one of the largest accelerator of Startups in the world, Startupbootcamp.

As you see the role of modern fairs like VicenzaOro is changing and this will continue in the next edition!

VicenzaOro to stage rich variety of events and seminars